Tampa Bay will be part of Humana's hiring spree

Published May 20, 2015

TAMPA — Humana said that it's about to go on a hiring spree and start adding 500 jobs a year nationally — and many of those jobs will end up in the bay area.

The Louisville, Ky., insurance company announced its new hiring goal Tuesday and said it wants to fill those new jobs by hiring military veterans and their spouses.

"Tampa Bay will be a focus," Humana spokesman Jeff Blunt said, "and the area has a heavy military family presence."

The company could not say what share of that goal — an open-ended commitment to add 500 jobs a year for the foreseeable future — will come from the Tampa Bay region.

But about 4,000 Humana employees already work in Tampa and St. Petersburg. The region has the company's second-largest concentration of workers in the nation.

"Tampa Bay has been one of our fastest-growing markets in terms of employment," Blunt said. "It's a great community to do business in. It has an educated workforce. We have a strong business center in Florida, and Florida's a very important state to us."

The company said it recently hired 175 local veterans and military spouses in the bay area. The next round of hires will be made across all of the company's departments, Blunt said.

Humana has about 48,000 employees across the nation and the biggest share, 13,000, work at the company's Louisville headquarters.