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Tampa Bay's top workplaces: by the numbers

Top 100 workplaces: By the numbers


8 percent: the 401(k) match offered by Grow Financial Federal Credit Union

12: complimentary hotel night stays employees at the Hyatt Hotels and Resorts - Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay receive each year

47: years Doug Scrivner has been at Clearwater's Mercury Medical

125: hours of training required for a first-year employee at the Container Store

2,000: orders in one day, on Cyber Monday, for White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes

4,287: local employees at the Moffitt Cancer Center, the most on the list

350,000: acres owned by Mosaic in Central Florida

The list

18: companies in the Top 100 for five straight years

30: companies new to the list

1848: year PwC was founded, making it the oldest company in the Top 100

16: nonprofits

Sector breakdown

15: companies in health care

13: financial services

9: insurance

8: technology

6: hospitality

5: education

4: manufacturing

4: accounting/consulting

3: real estate

3: auto dealers

3: law

Tampa Bay's high scores*

85 percent: employees who said their company acts with strong values and ethics

82 percent: employees who said their manager made it easier to do their job well

81 percent: employees who said their manager cared about their concerns

80 percent: employees who said their company was going in the right direction

Tampa Bay's low scores*

62 percent: employees who said their pay is fair for the work they do

57 percent: employees who said their benefits package was good compared with others in their industry

Most improved*

75 percent: employees who said they want to stay in their jobs for more than a year, up from 71 percent the year before, the biggest increase of any question

* All of Tampa Bay's scores are close to the national averages for those questions.


The extra pay per hour employees at Bill Jackson's receive throughout the week if they work both Saturday and Sunday