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Florida sending more fruit — and hype — to Canada

Published Apr. 22, 2015

In hopes that the Great White North will warm up to the Sunshine State even more, Florida has embarked on a new promotional campaign in Canada — already the state's largest export partner — touting the deliciousness of our fruit.

More than 1,800 stores spread out over three Canadian provinces are getting a "Fresh From Florida" hype job, which entails not just on-sale produce — including tomatoes, sweet corn, grapefruit, strawberries, blueberries and orange juice — but recipes and related educational information.

Canada — one of Florida's 65 trade-partner countries around the world — now receives 61 percent of the state's fresh fruit exports ($243 million) and 77 percent of our vegetable exports ($232 million).

"Canada has long been a great trade partner with us, and we want to see that continue to expand," Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam said. "We continue to see growth in international exports of Fresh From Florida products, proving that there is nothing better than what we grow right here in Florida."

Last year, Florida's $4.2 billion in agricultural exports generated a total economic impact of more than $13 billion and supported more than 109,000 jobs.