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Winthrop continues expansion with pediatric dentist, yoga studio

RIVERVIEW — For 17 years, Winthrop Town Centre founder John Sullivan has chased a dream of building an immersive live-work experience in the heart of the SouthShore and Brandon area.

Now after building a foundation of shops and family homes, Sullivan and Winthrop Town Builders are expanding that dream with additional space for new businesses and the coming addition of apartments.

Adjacent to the building containing Cicco Cali and The Egg and I, "Building 8" nears completion. Once finished, it will become home to pediatric dentist Dr. Jenny Edwards, who recently broke away from her former office to start her own practice in Winthrop.

"She's a younger practitioner and very progressive," Sullivan said. "I think she's going to be a great asset."

Joining Edwards in the new building will be Victoria McCagar's private yoga studio, Om Schooled.

"She lives in Winthrop so the lifestyle of live-work is coming to life," said Winthrop Town Builders vice president Cindy Manchesi.

Also in the works are plans for an apartment complex, something Sullivan has been hoping to work on for quite some time.

"It's always been part of the plan for Winthrop but now there is just an unspeakable demand," Sullivan said. "We'd love to have affordable apartments so that those employees can save money on gas or even not need a car."

Collectively, there are approximately 1,400 full-time employees working within Winthrop Town Centre. With that in mind, Sullivan has begun plans for three-story buildings containing multiple one and two-bedroom apartments starting at 750 square feet, in the style of cigar factories.

Architecture and site plans have been approved and Sullivan hopes to begin construction this year.

"We're excited because we think it will really benefit employees," Sullivan said. "I've started living in Winthrop myself and it makes things much more convenient when you can walk everywhere."

With his most optimistic timeline, Sullivan wants the complex close to opening within five years.

"That's assuming no apocalypse or recession happens," Sullivan said.

The long-term goal is completion within the next decade.

"Offering the apartments most likely will handle the long waiting list we have had for many years," said Manchesi.

As it stands now, Winthrop Town Centre as a whole is 55 percent complete with foreseeable site plans.

"John has had his creative side of his brain working hard on this one and expect no less than the magic and unique beauty of his buildings," said Machesi. "He and Kay [Sullivan] sure do have a way of taking a block building and adding just the right touches of jewelry to make it special. I love seeing the birth of each new building."

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