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Florida among 13 states with minimum wage increases come Jan. 1

Published Dec. 21, 2013

While politicians in Washington wrangle over the latest attempt to increase the federal minimum wage, Florida's lowest-paid workers are already slated to get a raise in a couple of weeks.

Effective Jan. 1, Florida's minimum wage will rise 14 cents to $7.93 an hour. The minimum wage for tipped employees will increase from $4.77 to $4.91 an hour.

According to an analysis of census data by the Economic Policy Institute, about 416,000 Floridian workers will benefit from the latest incremental boost.

Florida is one of just 13 states increasing their rates next month. The single-biggest jump will be in New Jersey, which is adding $1 to reach a new hourly minimum of $8.25. The state with the highest minimum wage for 2014: Washington, at $9.32.

President Barack Obama has backed a proposal by congressional Democrats to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 and peg it to inflation. Opponents maintain that an increase would hurt small businesses and spur inflation. The last increase in the federal minimum wage came in 2009.