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Florida private job creation grows slightly in August

Job growth in Florida is picking up slightly but remains far shy of last year's levels, based on the latest regional employment roundup from payroll processing firm ADP .

Florida added 15,100 private sector jobs in August, up about 1,400 jobs from the month earlier, ADP reported Wednesday.

That kept Florida firmly ensconced as the third-biggest job creator behind California and Texas. But based on its population as the third-biggest state, Florida's performance was less impressive. The ADP report, which ranks 29 states and Washington, D.C., indicated Florida was tied with Idaho and Oregon for sixth in percentage growth of adding jobs. It trailed Washington, D.C., Arizona, Utah, California and Nevada.

ADP's figures are based on company payroll data and do not include government jobs. But they are viewed as a bellwether for the Labor Department's monthly reports, which track both job creation and unemployment rates.

The Labor Department's August report for Florida is coming out Sept. 18.