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Florida private sector job creation picks up in April

Published May 7, 2014

Spring ushered in a fresh batch of new jobs statewide.

Florida added 22,250 private sector jobs in April, a 33 percent jump from a month earlier, according to a report released Wednesday by national payroll processing company ADP.

ADP, which estimates job creation across 29 states based on payroll data, said Florida trailed only perennial leaders Texas and California, which added 29,080 jobs and 27,080 jobs in April, respectively.

Together, the three states are in a league of their own. Next highest is New York, which added 10,260 jobs.

Unlike the widely reported monthly reports on jobs and the unemployment rate from the Labor Department, the ADP analysis does not include government jobs. Ahu Yildirmaz, vice president and head of the ADP Research Institute, said the South and West continue to outperform the rest of the country. "Despite the improvement in weather, the Northeast was the only major region measurably down from the previous month's number of jobs added," he said.

As with previous reports, the lower-paying, service-producing sector accounted for the bulk of Florida's increase — 17,960 jobs, compared with 4,290 in the goods-producing sector.

A recent update from the Bureau of Labor Statistics highlights how Tampa Bay wages have been suffering since the recession ended, even as job creation has accelerated.

Among larger metropolitan areas nationwide, Tampa Bay ranks among the 10 with the lowest average increase in wages and salaries from 2009 to 2012. In 2009, Tampa Bay wages averaged $40,590. By 2012, they averaged $42,230, an increase of just $1,640, according to BLS data. Among large counties, Pinellas County registered the biggest annual decline in weekly wages.