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No degree? No problem with these good jobs

Published Aug. 22, 2014

So you didn't study as hard as you should have. Maybe college just wasn't for you, or maybe youth and fun got in the way of your degree. You're not the only one. If traditional classroom education wasn't your cup of tea, there's still hope for landing a good job. With some training and strong commitment, you can still get hired for a great professional position in many industries.

Here's a list of top jobs for the not-so-top student, according to PayScale.

Software developer

Median starting pay: $64,400

Software developers — a.k.a. computer programmers or coders — write code, design and maintain systems, and install software programs. Programming is necessary in almost every industry so you could be working in a wide variety of fields, according to New England College. Developers analyze clients' needs and create programs to fit those needs. They also update existing systems.

Sales account executives

Median starting pay: $45,400

Sales account executives generally work for a company recruiting new clients and maintaining relationships with existing customers, according to Florida Tech University. As an account executive, you might be assigned a specific product to sell or a geographic territory to focus on selling within. You would also be the company's primary contact for your customers within that territory.


Median starting pay: $44,600

There are plenty of fields looking for someone with strong public speaking and presentation skills. There are opportunities for presenting and speaking in a variety of sales industries. Also, with enough real-world experience in a particular field you can turn that knowledge into a job as a teacher or guest speaker at different schools.

Real estate sales agents

Median starting pay: $43,800

Real estate agents must be certified in nearly every state, and the requirements differ depending where you live, according to Mortgage News Daily. Agents help people with buying and selling property, be it a house, commercial building or an empty field. These agents exist to protect buyers and sellers and navigate the complex laws involved in property sales.

Social media managers

Median starting pay: $40,900

Social media managers can work in any company that wants to use social media as a way to recruit and communicate with customers, prospects or potential employees. This job requires knowledge of marketing through media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the many other social media platforms out there.


Median starting pay: $40,400

Organizations in a variety of industries including banking, insurance, agriculture and the nonprofit sector need copy writers to communicate their messages, according to Direct Creative. At some point nearly every company needs to produce something in writing — such as a newsletter, customer-relations document or internal announcement — and someone with solid writing skills is a must-have to ensure those communications materials are polished and professional.