World's worst job interview mistakes

Published Jan. 31, 2014

When it comes to a job interview, the first few minutes may be the most crucial. A new survey from CareerBuilder finds that nearly half of employers know within the first five minutes of an interview whether a candidate is a good or bad fit for the position, and 87 percent know within the first 15 minutes. When asked to share the most outrageous mistakes candidates made during a job interview, employers gave the following real-life examples:

. Applicant warned the interviewer that she "took too much Valium" and didn't think her interview was indicative of her personality

. Applicant acted out a Star Trek role

. Applicant answered a phone call for an interview with a competitor

. Applicant arrived in a jogging suit because he was going running after the interview

. Applicant asked for a hug

. Applicant attempted to secretly record the interview

. Applicant brought personal photo albums

. Applicant called himself his own personal hero

. Applicant checked Facebook during the interview

. Applicant crashed her car into the building

. Applicant popped out his teeth when discussing dental benefits

. Applicant kept her iPod headphones on during the interview

. Applicant set fire to the interviewer's newspaper while reading it when the interviewer said "impress me"

. Applicant said that he questioned his daughter's paternity

. Applicant wanted to know the name and phone number of the receptionist because he really liked her