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Checks aren't guaranteed for all insurance rebates


Insurance rebate check may not come

The check may not be in the mail.

The Obama administration said in a report Thursday that 12.8 million people will benefit from health insurance rebates averaging $151 per household. But the number of families actually getting a check will be much smaller, experts say.

What the report didn't spell out clearly is that nearly two-thirds of the 12.8 million benefitting are covered by employer plans, and they're entitled only to pro-rated rebates, based on their share of premiums.

What's more, employers can plow all the rebate money, including the workers' share, back into improving the company's health plan. Employers typically pay 82 percent of the premium for a worker, and 72 percent for a family plan.

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Mitch Daniels out as VP possibility

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels was hailed as a visionary who could bring innovation despite his lack of academic credentials as he was introduced Thursday as the next president of Purdue University, quashing speculation he could be the GOP nominee for vice president.

Daniels, 63, will replace France Cordova, who is stepping down in July after five years at Purdue's helm.

Daniels will take office in January, once his second term as governor expires. He said his appointment ends the possibility that presumptive nominee Mitt Romney might tap him as a running mate or, if elected, to a Cabinet post.

Daniels said he won't be involved in partisan politics after making one last out-of-state appearance this weekend.


boehner talks tough on contempt vote

House Speaker John Boehner demanded Thursday that the Obama administration give in and turn over documents in a botched gun-tracking operation, insisting that's the only way to stop a House vote to hold the attorney general in contempt.

Boehner took a hard line against the Obama administration and Attorney General Eric Holder despite a willingness by House Republicans and Holder to negotiate a settlement. The president has invoked executive privilege, a legal principle used to avoid disclosure of internal presidential documents.

The documents sought relate to how the Justice Department responded to the Operation Fast and Furious investigation.