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St. Petersburg City Council member Leslie Curran sued by business landlord

Published Mar. 31, 2012

ST. PETERSBURG — Leslie Curran is a City Council member who happens to own a downtown art gallery. John Warren is a former mayoral candidate who happens to own downtown property.

Now the property owner is suing the gallery owner, with Warren claiming Curran owes him more than $46,000.

Curran denied the lawsuit's claims, saying "I've been paying the rent. It's a landlord-tenant dispute."

Warren said "I don't relish having to take this action. I like Leslie." But he said he wouldn't file a lawsuit unless it was necessary.

The lawsuit concerns Curran's Interior Motives, an art gallery and design business at 1110 Central Ave., and the building that houses it.

Warren's suit claims Curran and the business owe him $20,860 in back rent, plus real estate taxes of $25,348.

Warren said "Sometimes tenants don't take their obligations seriously until something like this happens." He said he hoped the lawsuit could be resolved amicably.

Curran declined to elaborate, except to say, "It's a dispute that will be resolved."