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Three life sentences for St. Petersburg man guilty in deadly store robbery

ST. PETERSBURG — A St. Petersburg man was given three consecutive life sentences on Monday for his role in a brutal double murder that was captured in vivid detail on a convenience store surveillance camera.

Spencer Peeples, 33, pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder in the August 2008 slaying at the Central Food Mart, 2157 Central Ave., about six blocks west of Tropicana Field.

Peeples was robbing the store with a man named Khadafy Mullens. Mullens, 30, fired the shots that killed store owner Mohammad Uddin, 44, and customer Ronald Hayworth, 50. He also shot another customer coming into the store, Albert Barton, then 69, who survived.

Although Peeples was not the triggerman, he participated in the robbery that resulted in the deaths of Uddin and Hayworth, making him also guilty of murder under the felony murder rule.

Mullens, the triggerman, has been sentenced to death. Prosecutors, as part of a plea agreement, agreed not to seek the death penalty against Peeples.