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Video: Watch Pasco deputies save the life of one of their own

K-9 Deputy Chris Stone suffered a life-threatening gunshot wound on June 8. He’s back on duty now thanks to his comrades.
Pasco County Sheriff's Office K-9 Deputy Chris Stone, left, returned to duty on Aug. 12. Stone suffered a life-threatening gunshot wound on June 8. His fellow deputies saved his life. Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco stands to the right. [PAIGE FRY | Times] [PAIGE FRY | Paige Fry]
Published Aug. 23
Updated Aug. 23

NEW PORT RICHEY — Sheriff’s K-9 Deputy Chris Stone points his flashlight into the window of a house and his body camera catches a sign hanging on the wall.

There’s a picture of a handgun and the message, “We don’t call 911."

It’s the beginning of a dramatic video released Thursday as the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office honored the first responders who would act to save Stone — shot and bleeding — following a 911 call the night of June 8.

A man, the caller said, had fired at his wife’s Alexa speaker.

“I remember all of it,” Stone said Thursday.

As the video rolls, it shows a man inside the house refusing to cooperate with deputies.

Stone relays instructions to another deputy who is trying to get the man to cooperate.

The video cuts to a feed from a body camera worn by another deputy. Gunshots ring out. Deputies yell.

Cut back to Stone’s body camera. He is walking slowly down the steps of the house and falls to the ground.

“Stone, are you okay?” one deputy yells.

“We got one hit!" another yells. "Stone’s down!”

“Where’s he hit? Where’s he hit? Where’s he hit?”

“Get his vest off.”

“Get me the QuikClot. QuikClot," a special gauze used to stop bleeding.

“Knife. Knife.”

“I got a leg wound, leg wound.”

“He’s hit in the leg. Tourniquet. Tourniquet.”

“Hey buddy. Stone. Stone. Hang in their bud. Hang in their buddy.”

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The right pants leg is soaked in blood. They find the gunshot wound and start cutting off the cloth. A tourniquet is applied as Pasco County Fire Rescue paramedics arrive to help. In the background, the sound of more gunshots.

Stone tells the deputies to grab the keys from his pocket so they can get into the patrol vehicle where his canine partner J.R. is waiting. He tells them to call his parents before they call his wife, who was home with his two children.

At the news conference Thursday, Stone was joined by retired firefighter William “Bill” Ricci, who was there that night and helped staunch the bleeding.

Stone underwent emergency surgery and spent five days in the hospital. He later learned the gunshot severed both his femoral and saphenous arteries. He could have bled out in minutes.

His recovery took about two months. He returned to work Aug. 12.

Terrance Peterson, 62, is the man who shot Stone and fired at the other deputies during the confrontation at 7349 Humbolt Ave., the Sheriff’s Office said. Peterson was armed with a handgun and an AK-47 rifle.

Later in the standoff, Peterson shot himself. He died days later in a hospital.

Stone added details Thursday about the dramatic series of events..

The deputies tried to negotiate with Peterson and after their efforts failed, a SWAT deputy holding a ballistic shield led them into a bedroom of the house.

Shots were fired. Stone saw sparks fly off the shield and felt a punch to his leg.

At first, he thought it was a flesh wound and he would be fine. Then he started to feel lightheaded.

"It felt like somebody had taken a garden hose and just turned it on full and stuck it down my pant leg,” he said.

A second K-9 deputy, Gary Stritt, was also injured and treated at the scene.

Stone noted that in 1986, his father Robert W. “Skip” Stone was grazed by gunfire during a five-hour standoff while working on an emergency response team with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office. He was back at work the next day.

Said the son, “We’ve been through it before."


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