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Tampa man persuaded woman to send him risque photo, then extorted her, police say

He demanded she send him money or he would tell her boyfriend, police said, and she sent him $1,400.

A Tampa man has been arrested on an extortion charge after police say he persuaded a woman to send him a risque photo, then demanded money from her lest he tell her boyfriend about it.

Anthony Luis Rivera, 23, was arrested by Pinellas Park police on Tuesday, booked at the Pinellas County jail and released on $10,000 bail.

According to an arrest report, the victim posted on an app this summer that she had two office chairs available for pickup for free at a Pinellas Park business. Rivera showed up in a van and picked up the chairs, then contacted the woman after he left. The two shared “flirtatious” text messages, the report states, and Rivera persuaded the woman to send him the photo.

He later contacted the woman and threatened to not only tell her boyfriend about the photo, but that he would “beat him up,” reports state.

Rivera demanded money and the woman sent him payments of $600, $500 and $300 because she was in fear, police said. Rivera then demanded another $1,000, reports state.