Who is Jeremy Scott and how many murders did he commit?

Once a troubled teen, now locked up for life after a murder conviction, he’s confessed to more crimes.
Jeremy Scott has spent most of his life in prison, dating to when he was 17. He’s about to turn 54.
Jeremy Scott has spent most of his life in prison, dating to when he was 17. He’s about to turn 54. [ Florida Department of Corrections ]
Published April 20, 2023|Updated April 20, 2023

Jeremy Scott, 53, has been connected to multiple killings – all committed while he was a teenager.

His rap sheet dates to when he was 11 years old and includes armed robbery, assault and battery.

And murder.

The killings associated with Scott took place over a 3 ½-year period, and he was locked up for about a year in between these murders for other crimes. For almost his entire adult life, Scott has been incarcerated.

The murder of Michelle Schofield landed her husband Leo Schofield in prison, where he is serving a life sentence.

Scott has admitted to stabbing Michelle, and his fingerprints were in her car. His latest taped confession came during an interview on the Bone Valley podcast, which aired last year.

Here’s the background on all the killings that have been linked to Scott:

Map of Central Florida locations where killings have been linked to Jeremy Scott
Map of Central Florida locations where killings have been linked to Jeremy Scott [ Map by Ron Borresen ]

(1) April 11, 1985: Jewel Johnson

Jewel Johnson, 75, was shot, hit over the head and strangled in her home. Scott’s fingerprints were left at the scene. Prosecuted for murder, he blamed his co-defendant and was acquitted at trial. He would later brag that he got away with it.

May 9, 1986: About 13 months after Johnson was murdered, Scott was incarcerated for setting his mattress on fire in July 1985 while he was in jail awaiting trial for Johnson’s murder. He remained in prison until Dec. 3, 1986.

(2) Feb 24, 1987: Michelle Schofield

Less than three months after Scott got out of prison, Michelle Schofield, 18, was stabbed 26 times. When his fingerprints were identified in her car years later – and after Leo Schofield already had been convicted – Scott initially said he was just stealing stereo equipment. Now he says he murdered Michelle. Prosecutors say his confession cannot be trusted and that he was only a car stereo thief.

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(3) April 10, 1987: Joseph Lavair

Less than seven weeks after Michelle was murdered, taxi cab driver Joseph Lavair, 25, was robbed and shot. No one has ever been convicted of this crime. A jury acquitted another man who Osceola County prosecuted. Scott was never a suspect, but he left evidence at the scene connecting him to the murder. Shortly afterward, Scott told his girlfriend that he had killed a cab driver, and he admitted to it in a podcast that aired last year.

Jan. 8, 1988: Scott was sent to prison for a burglary he committed in May 1987. He was released on May 3, 1988.

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(4) Nov. 1, 1988: Donald Moorehead

About six months after Scott’s release, Donald Moorehead, 37, was beaten in the head with a hammer and a grape juice bottle, and strangled with a telephone cord in his home. Scott confessed, was convicted and sentenced to death. His sentence was later reduced to life in prison. At the time of Moorehead’s killing, police had still not connected the fingerprints in Michelle Schofield’s Mazda to Jeremy Scott.

In September 2022, while serving his life sentence, Scott was placed in solitary confinement after he stabbed an inmate multiple times.

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