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Former principal at Martinez Middle School in Hillsborough County resigns

Brent McBrien elected not to go through with his termination hearing

LUTZ — Brent McBrien, the ousted principal of Martinez Middle School, has resigned from the Hillsborough County School District.

McBrien, 50, had been scheduled for a termination hearing on Tuesday.

He was suspended without pay on Oct. 15, about a month after his supervisor placed him on paid leave. At the time, district officials said only that McBrien’s situation had nothing to do with the school or its students.

Later, they acknowledged the reason: Somebody shared with Superintendent Jeff Eakins an inappropriate photo of McBrien. Based on that event, the district said McBrien did not meet the standards they set for school leaders, and that "his actions undermined his ability to lead in his school and his community.”

McBrien, did not return a reporter’s call for comment. Toby Johnson is now the principal at A-rated Martinez.