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Why wouldn’t Edsby launch, and what does that mean for Hillsborough schools?

Company officials say not to worry, there is plenty of bandwidth
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Published Mar. 23, 2020
Updated Mar. 23, 2020

TAMPA — Fortunately, Monday was just a planning and work-out-the-bugs day for the Hillsborough County Public Schools’ eLearning initiative.

Because when teachers and parents tried to log into Edsby, the system that the district had selected to be the hub of all communication, they got a “404 message.”

It happened while acting Superintendent Addison Davis was imploring the community be patient during the eLearning transition.

Maybe, he half-joked, “it’s a celebration, everybody is getting on.”

But can the system handle the demands of more than 220,000 students who will now be learning remotely?

It can, said Dallas Kachan, vice president for marketing at the Ontario-based software company.

Kachan insisted that bandwidth was not the reason the system was inoperable for about two and a half hours Monday morning.

It took engineers awhile to figure out what the problem was.

At mid-day, most users had service, he said.

At mid-afternoon, the company issued this statement:

"Today’s fault was traced to an issue in the underlying database management software used by Edsby. In other words, it appears a problem developed in the underlying structure that Edsby stores its data in, not a part of Edsby. No data was lost, and we’re taking measures to ensure this doesn’t impact Hillsborough in the future by working around it.

In the spirit of Hillsborough’s “set up for success” week, we’ll be using the remainder of this week to find whatever other edge issues we can to ensure Hillsborough’s Edsby system is ready for next week’s official online learning cutover

Hillsborough’s Edsby system is insulated from other customers. It has own unique login management, daily sync with legacy systems, customizations to add or remove Edsby features as desired by each district, and the district’s own unique ways of using certain Edsby features. Every customer has a lot of unique, moving parts to its system.

Hillsborough’s Edsby system serves over 1,000 request a second at peak times

Problems with Hillsborough’s Edsby system have been rare since issues in 2013, Hillsborough’s first year on Edsby. In the seven years since then, Hillsborough’s Edsby system often achieves 100% uptime… a

Among Edsby’s other customers are many of the largest school districts in Canada, and the whole country of New Zealand: .

That’s right, all of New Zealand.