Florida universities ranked high for online education: U.S. News & World Report

UF ranks No. 3 for bachelor’s degrees and No. 1 for graduate education programs.
Florida universities ranked among the top 30 in several categories in the US New & World Report's rankings of online programs.
Florida universities ranked among the top 30 in several categories in the US New & World Report's rankings of online programs. [ MARTHA ASENCIO RHINE | Times ]
Published Jan. 26, 2021

U.S. News & World Report announced its rankings today for the best online university programs, and Florida schools ranked among the best in multiple categories.

The 10th edition of the online rankings was based on different criteria than the overall school rankings released in September, given that online learners tend to be older and not in college for the first time. The programs were ranked using a formula that evaluated engagement, services and technologies, faculty credentials, and training and “expert opinion.”

Among online bachelor’s degree programs, where 357 colleges and universities were ranked, Daytona’s Embry Riddle Aeronautical University ranked No. 1. The University of Florida ranked No. 3, the University of Central Florida ranked No. 14 and Daytona State College ranked No. 47.

Among online masters of business administration programs, UF ranked No. 5, the University of South Florida ranked No. 26, Florida State University ranked No. 40 and the University of Miami ranked No. 45.

For graduate criminal justice programs, FSU ranked No. 8, UCF ranked No. 12 and Florida International University ranked No. 17.

Among graduate engineering programs, UF ranked No. 11, USF ranked No. 34 and FIU ranked No. 50.

Four schools ranked among the Top 50 for graduate informational technology programs, with FSU at No. 5, USF at No. 12, the University of West Florida at No. 31, and Florida Institute of Technology at No. 34.

UF topped the list of graduate programs in education, and FSU ranked No. 15.

More than 80 percent of students enrolled in UF’s online program are employed, and all online courses are recorded and accessible to students on their own time. UF started “UF Online,” a program offering 24 degrees exclusively online, in 2014.

Evangeline Tsibris Cummings, assistant provost and director of UF Online said in a statement following the rankings announcement that the school’s online programs allow more flexibility to students.

“I’m proud that the University of Florida now welcomes learners worldwide to earn a UF bachelor’s degree taught entirely by UF faculty and fully-supported by an in-house UF campus-wide team,” she said. “And we’re just getting started.”

At USF, more than 65 graduate degree programs are fully or primarily online.

“We’re proud to be recognized as a national leader for online education, which is especially important during COVID-19 as USF continues to successfully deliver courses in a range of flexible formats that meet the needs of our students,” USF President Steve Currall said in a statement.

A full list of rankings is available here.