The Education Gradebook

Pinellas County School employees who aren't eligible for a state $1,000 bonus will get one from the school district instead.
A roundup of Florida education news from around the state.
A seventh school is getting a shorter contract as the board’s Tuesday night vote signals a change in attitude toward charters.
The money will go to 7,000 workers not included in a state program to reward classroom teachers and principals for their work during the pandemic.
It’s only a snapshot, but early numbers point to small changes during an unusual year in the classroom.


  1. Pinellas County School employees who aren't eligible for a state $1,000 bonus will get one from the school district instead.
  2. Sarah Painter, a fifth-grade teacher at Eisenhower Elementary and 2020-21 Teacher of the Year for Pinellas County Schools, center, is introduced by Gov. Ron DeSantis, right, during a March news conference about the governor's proposal to give $1,000 bonuses to teachers and principals. Some districts, including Pinellas, have decided to extend the bonus to other school employees as well.
  3. Woodmont Charter School in Temple Terrace, shown in 2017, faces possible closure after the Hillsborough County School Board voted to reject its renewal.
  4. Lakewood Elementary third-grader Malachi, 9, works behind plexiglass in April. The school saw a 15-point increase in third-grade students with a passing score in reading, according to new numbers from the state.
  5. Robert Bair, a doctoral student at USF, talks with reporters in 2015 about the NEWgenerator, which converts human wastewater into clean water, fertilizer and energy. The university in 2020 received a patent for the generator, along with more than 120 other patents.
  6. Kids Community College Preparatory High School at 11513 McMullen Road is one of three Kids Community College schools 
in Riverview. The Hillsborough School Board voted Tuesday to deny the high school's contract renewal, leaving its future uncertain.
  7. Cardno Archaeologist KC Allen uses a trowel as she explores a possible grave shaft at the erased Zion Cemetery in Tampa.
  8. Audience members joined Ben Frazier, the founder of the Northside Coalition of Jacksonville, in chanting "Allow teachers to teach the truth" during public comments June 10 on the state's plans to ban the teaching of critical race theory in state public schools.
  9. SailFuture Academy is expanding its enrollment to serve more high school students who have struggled in a traditional setting. It will be located in the old Norwood School on 27th Avenue N in St. Petersburg.
  10. Brian Spiro is the new principal of Riverview High School, effective July 1.
  11. Nina Bac works to set up an individual school supply kit which each student will have on their desk in her  kindergarten classroom at Macfarlane Park IB Elementary,1721 N Macdill Ave, on Friday, Aug. 21, 2020 in Tampa. The kits include scissors, erasers, glue sticks and crayons. In the past these would have been in a shared caddy but now each student has their own to cut down on sharing and the possible passing of germs. Students now also have desks, which are spread out, instead of sharing table space. Bac, who has been a teacher for 14 years, is preparing to have 19 students when school starts on Monday. The first week will be eLearning through Zoom with brick and mortar starting the following Monday.
  12. A view of the Student Union at the University of Central Florida. The gifts to the Florida universities were part of $2.7 billion in donations to 286 organizations Scott announced Tuesday.
  13. In this image from a livestream, members of the Pinellas County School Board listen to parents during a public hearing regarding the district's mask rule on June 8, 2021. Some of the speakers said they would work to change the board makeup.
  14. An anti-mask protester was escorted out of a Hillsborough County School Board retreat on May 4. The unidentified woman was one of many Florida parents who have pushed back against school board decisions during the pandemic. Some plan to challenge board members in next year's elections.
  15. The Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull. A very cool, heroic event.
  16. The grave of Ocoee Massacre lynching victim July Perry can be found at Greenwood Cemetery in Orlando. Florida law requires the teaching of the Ocoee Massacre in Florida schools, and some educators worry a new state rule might hinder their ability to provide lessons on it and other historical events.
  17. During a protest last July in front of Lifsey House, the USF president's residence, student groups pushed to improve the climate on campus for Black students. This and other protests led the university to boost recruitment efforts, which are paying off, officials say.
  18. A teacher has the attention of students from two kindergarten classes in August 2018 at Saint Dominic Academy in Lewiston, Maine. School districts across the United States are hiring additional teachers in anticipation of what will be one of the largest kindergarten classes ever.
  19. The Tarpon Springs High School Outdoor Performance Ensemble has been selected to perform in the 2022 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The award-winning band, one of just 10 picked for the event, also marched in the parade in 2013.
  20. Students at Hernando County's Springstead High head into the school's stadium for a graduation ceremony during pre-pandemic times. This year's ceremony will be on June 19, one of several to be held in the county over the next few days.
  21. The Florida State Board of Education discusses barring "critical race theory" from K-12 classrooms during a meeting June 10, 2021, in Jacksonville.
  22. The state will allow East Tampa's Oak Park Elementary and seven other Hillsborough County schools to continue their relationship with MGT of America Consulting. The company specializes in turning around troubled schools.
  23. Activist Ben Frazier, left, is asked to leave after shouting chants of "Allow teachers to teach the truth" during a State Board of Education meeting Thursday, where members voted to ban lessons on critical race theory.