1. The Education Gradebook

The Big Bad Wolf goes on trial

On Wednesday, second-graders from Challenger K-8 School in Spring Hill put the Big Bad Wolf on trial during a mock procedure at the Hernando County Courthouse in downtown Brooksville.

Borrowed from the children's story The Three Little Pigs, the synopsis of the trial is that B. B. Wolf, portrayed by attorney Shawn Brannagan, wants to sue the surviving pig, Curly, for scalding him with hot water during a home invasion after eating the two other pigs.

Attorney Kirk Campbell, acting the role of Curly, offered his testimony in hopes of winning the civil lawsuit. (Spoiler alert: The pig wins the case.)

Fifth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Donald Scaglione, along with state and personal attorneys, sheriff's deputies and supervisor of elections Shirley Anderson volunteered for the trial to interact with students acting the roles of the jury, attorneys, bailiffs and clerks.

The trial is a part of recognizing National Law Week that helps educates the public on how the legal system works. Judge Scaglione organizes the annual event to give students an opportunity to experience what judicial proceedings are like inside of a courtroom.