In Pinellas, 13 schools enter 2018-19 with new principals

Several Pinellas County public schools will begin the year with new leadership. Below is a list of principals who have been assigned to their schools since May 1.



Stephanie Woodford, 51, was promoted to principal of Lakewood Elementary after a stint as assistant director of school leadership with the district. Before coming to Pinellas, she was dismissed as human resources chief of the Hillsborough County School District. Woodford filed a lawsuit in 2017 accusing Hillsborough district leaders and two School Board members of committing unethical acts and punishing her when she refused to go along.


Donnika Jones, 46, started with the district in 2005 as a magnet school teacher and was promoted to lead Melrose after working there as assistant principal. She has also taught at Douglas L. Jamerson Jr. Elementary School.


Lisa Freeman, 49, who has worked in the district for more than 20 years, was tapped to lead Ozona Elementary in Palm Harbor after holding the principal role at Pinellas Park Elementary. She has also worked as principal of Cypress Woods Elementary.


Laura Kranzel, 40, began working with the district in 2001. She was promoted to principal after working at Perkins as assistant principal and magnet coordinator.

Pinellas Central

Daphne Miles, 48, last worked as principal of Lakewood Elementary. She started with the district in 1993 as a teacher and also has served as principal of Sunset Hills Elementary.

Pinellas Park

Wendy Bryan, 49, last served as principal at Seminole Middle School. She began as a teacher at Gibbs High School more than 20 years ago. She also has led Frontier Elementary.


Vickie Graham, 46, was promoted to principal of Ridgecrest Elementary after working as assistant principal of Woodlawn Elementary. She's been with the district more than 20 years, joining in 1995 as a teacher at Eisenhower Elementary.


Tony Pleshe, 48, has worked in Pinellas schools for 20 years, most recently as principal of Perkins Elementary in St. Petersburg. He also has led Gulf Beaches Elementary.

Tarpon Springs Fundamental

Holly Oakes, 54, came to Pinellas in 2016 as assistant principal at Dunedin High School after working in Pasco schools as the district's supervisor of Enriched and Innovative Programs.



Longtime district employee Thomas Brittain, 62, is leaving his spot as principal of Seminole High to lead Azalea Middle. He began his tenure with the district as a Clearwater High teacher in 1984. He also has worked as an assistant principal at Dunedin High.


Solomon Lowery, 40, most recently served as principal at Azalea Middle School. He also has led Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School.


Michael Moss, 51, has taken the helm at Seminole Middle after working as principal at Ridgecrest Elementary. He joined the district in 2000.



Jane Lucas, 54, was promoted to lead Seminole High School after working as assistant principal there. She's been with the district since 1995.