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Brooksville Elementary club helps students prepare for FCAT

BROOKSVILLE — PAWS is a Title I-funded club at Brooksville Elementary School that focuses on preparing students for the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

PAWS is not an acronym for anything. Students invited to join were those who needed an extra boost. They were identified through various forms of assessments, and notes were sent home to their parents, making them aware of the opportunity for their children.

"We had about 75 students respond," said media specialist and PAWS Club facilitator Nancy Lovelock. The students are in grades 3, 4 and 5.

The club began meeting twice a week on Nov. 12 and ended April 10. Transportation home was provided.

The sessions were an hour and a half. They focused on math and reading. For reading, the first half-hour was spent on specific skills, such as sequencing, main ideas and comparing and contrasting. In math, the first half-hour was spent in the math lab.

The second half-hour for each subject included curriculum materials. During the third half-hour, students did homework.

In January, the school added morning sessions for first- and second-graders that focused only on reading.

Students will be taking the FCAT in Hernando County schools this week.