Class of 2013: Pinellas private schools

Published May 18, 2013

As the top graduates of private high schools in Pinellas County for 2013 pause to savor their hard work and thank the people who helped them along, we present a snapshot of these valedictorians and salutatorians. To start the conversation, we asked them to consider these questions (zip through the accompanying photos to find their answers).

LEARNING: What is one thing you didn't expect to learn?

INFLUENCED BY: Who has influenced you most and why?

SHOUT-OUT: Is there is a teacher you want to thank?

BEST MEMORY: Do you have one?

MADE IT THROUGH: What was your toughest high school moment?

PASSION IN LIFE: What is yours?

WISHFUL FRIEND: Is there a famous person you'd like to know through Facebook?

Note: Some schools select valedictorians and salutatorians using factors in addition to grade point average. As a result, some salutatorians have higher GPAs than valedictorians.

* * *


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