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St. Petersburg mom, two daughters arrested in John Hopkins Middle brawl

ST. PETERSBURG — The mother sent her 12-year-old daughter to school with a spray bottle filled with bathroom cleaner and pepper flakes for self-defense, according to St. Petersburg police, and told her 16-year-old daughter to run when she was arrested, accused of punching an officer.

The result: The mother and both daughters were among the five people arrested Wednesday after a brawl at John Hopkins Middle School.

Shaton Sampson, 35, was charged with disorderly conduct and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, both misdemeanors. She was the only adult arrested in Wednesday's incident. The rest were juveniles and were not identified by police. The incident took place at 10:45 a.m. after early dismissal.

Sampson's 12-year-old daughter was involved in a conflict with classmates that involved Facebook, police said. According to the mother's arrest report, she did not stop her daughter from going to school with a solution of bathroom cleaner, water, pepper flakes, hair spritzer and grape juice. It was "for protection" if anyone jumped her daughter, the report said, and the mother "instructed" her daughter to "stab" any attacker with a sharp pencil.

The mother and her older daughter went to school Wednesday and spoke to the principal, police said, but outside the building they got into an altercation with two teens: a 13-year-old and a 15-year-old.

The 13-year-old struck the oldest daughter in the face, police said, but when an officer tried to break up the fight the oldest daughter punched the officer in the chest. The mother took part in the altercation, demanded that officers let her oldest daughter go, then encouraged the teen to run for it, police said.

The oldest daughter, age 16, was charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction and battery on a law enforcement officer. The youngest daughter, age 12, was charged with bringing a weapon onto school property. The other two girls in the altercation, ages 13 and 15, were charged with disorderly conduct.

Sampson was released Thursday from the county jail after posting $400 bail.