School Search: With magnets, academies and attractors, Hillsborough choices abound

Published November 1 2018
Updated November 3 2018

The Hillsborough County school system offers dozens of special programs for families who want to venture beyond their zoned school, with options that include magnets, academies, attractors and partnership schools. The complete list for the 2019-20 school year is below. For more information, visit the Hillsborough Choice Options page on the school district's website.


Arts and environmental studies

• Muller Elementary Magnet

13615 N 22nd St., Tampa

(813) 558-1355

Students attend Muller to experience the arts while also exploring science and the environment. Arts studies include dance, music, visual art and drama. Students regularly explore science topics through hands-on activities and long-range investigations, making use of an extra large school garden. Using "Uniquely ME" as its motto, Muller works hard at helping students find out who they are and who they want to be.

Creative science center

• Lockhart Elementary Magnet

3719 N 17th St., Tampa

(813) 276-5727

Students expand their learning beyond the classroom by exploring robotics, learning about the environment and working with their neighbors at Young Middle Magnet to gain perspective on the world around them. The Project Lead the Way curriculum adds a layer of rigor to every classroom. Students also benefit from community partners who are regularly on campus to help with learning about character.

Gifted talent academy

• Lomax Elementary Magnet

4207 N 26th St., Tampa

(813) 276-5569

Students experience a curriculum aimed at developing all of their talents. The project-based focus in each subject area pushes students to Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create and Improve. Community partners have visited Lomax to emphasize the importance of reading and respecting one another. School showcases, LEGO Robotics, 1-to-1 technology, and the Panther Patch Garden all combine to enrich students' curiosity and equip them with the ability to tackle and understand any challenge put before them.

International Baccalaureate programs

• Lincoln Elementary Magnet

1207 E Renfro St., Plant City

(813) 757-9329

Lincoln has received national magnet awards every year for the past 10 years, a testament to the engaging curriculum and well-trained staff that works with students every day. This school strives to connect students to the world around them, looking at issues in every content area from a local, national and international perspective. The IB curriculum produces a student who is aware of how school subjects fit into the world and how they fit into cultures they have never visited.

• MacFarlane Park Elementary Magnet

1721 N MacDill Ave., Tampa

(813) 356-1760

This National Magnet School of Distinction was the first elementary IB school in the district, and its legacy of excellence has encouraged students to strive for new heights. MacFarlane Park develops students who are internationally-minded with strong character; they are aware of what is going on around the globe and seeking ways to make it better. They have worked to ensure that the community outside the school is involved with the community inside the school so students experience a well-rounded education.

• Riverhills Elementary Magnet School

405 Riverhills Dr., Temple Terrace

(813) 987-6911

A National Magnet School of Excellence, and the 2016 No. 1 Emerging Magnet School in the United States, Riverhills takes advantage of its placement on the Hillsborough River by hosting family events and conducting science experiments with students against a breathtaking backdrop. Students at this IB World School participate in world language studies, inquiry-based learning centers and a consistent worldwide approach to learning.

Medical and science exploration

• Dunbar Elementary Magnet

1730 Union St., Tampa

(813) 276-5677

Hands-on investigations and inquiry-based science approaches present students at Dunbar with a rigorous program of study in which they explore all pieces of the medical and science fields. Technology and medical equipment help students to see what it takes to be successful and help others. A National Magnet School of Distinction, Dunbar partners with Florida Hospital, the University of South Florida and the Patel Conservatory.

Technology and world studies

• Lee Elementary Magnet

3719 N 17th St., Tampa

(813) 276-5405

Featuring the "7 Wonders of Lee" (Leadership, Environment, Economics, Wellness, Innovation, Communication, Culture), this National Magnet School of Distinction uses SMART technology and daily themes to teach students about the world and how they can make a difference. It is also one of two elementary schools in the county and one of 55 schools nationwide to be named a Nationally Certified Magnet School. After a fire in 2017 that heavily damaged the school, the Lee community was relocated to nearby Lockhart Elementary Magnet, where it continues to operate as a separate program, accepting applications for the 2019-20 school year.

Visual, performing and communication arts

• Shore Elementary Magnet

1908 E Second Ave., Tampa

(813) 276-5712

One of only a few Nationally Certified Magnet Schools of Excellence in the country as well as a National Magnet School of Distinction, Shore boasts dance, acting, graphic design and art for its students all year long. Students benefit from unique community partners in the heart of Ybor City, including the Patel Conservatory and Straz Center. The school's end-of-year show captures all of the learning the students experience throughout the school year.


Cultural arts and humanities

• Rampello Downtown Partnership K-8 Magnet

802 E Washington St., Tampa

(813) 233-2333

Rampello brings working parents in the downtown Tampa area closer to their children and immerses students in the cultural and historical richness of the downtown community. This National Magnet School of Excellence makes use of a number of nearby partners and resources, including Tampa Theatre, Tampa Museum of Art, Riverwalk and downtown parks. Whether listening to their steel drum band serenade attendees at a nighttime school showcase or viewing students' artwork, families will find that Rampello to be unlike any other school in the district.

International Baccalaureate

• Roland Park K-8 Magnet

1510 N Manhattan Ave., Tampa

(813) 872-5212

Students who enter Roland Park in kindergarten have the ability to experience the rigorous IB curriculum all through elementary and middle school. As a result, educators are able to learn the unique character of their students and design a streamlined, continuous curriculum. Students are introduced to different subjects using unified themes, becoming critical thinkers with a broad-based knowledge of global issues.


Creative science center

• Young Middle Magnet

1807 E Dr. MLK Blvd., Tampa

(813) 276-5739

Young serves as an "older sibling" to neighboring Lockhart Elementary Magnet. It is the only middle school in the district to offer American Sign Language as an elective, and features the Project Lead the Way curriculum. Partnerships with the University of South Florida and others help to bring science to life. The school's science and technology labs help students earn industry certifications that will follow them to high school and beyond, and help students take ownership of their learning.

Environmental studies

• Dowdell Middle Magnet

1208 Wishing Well Way, Tampa

(813) 744-8322

The curriculum has many pieces to it - from studying water samples at the on-site pond, to caring for fish within the in-class estuary, to finding creative ways to reduce each student's ecological footprint. Dowdell's environmental studies course allows middle school students to receive high school credit. Geared to students who might be looking to understand the environment on all its levels.

International Baccalaureate programs

• Walker Middle Magnet

8282 N Mobley Rd., Odessa

(813) 631-4726

Walker is a community of globally-minded students who collaborate with one another on ideas for improving the world. The school has been A-rated since 1997, winning national and local awards every year along the way. Students are challenged with a rigorous IB curriculum that features electives such as French, clubs such as Brain Bowl, and seven high school credit courses.

• Williams Middle Magnet School

5020 N 47th St., Tampa

(813) 744-8600

International studies is the focus of this National Magnet School of Excellence, making sure that students recognize the importance of relationships among cultures, nations and communities along the way. Williams boasts one of the largest chapters of the Future Business Leaders of America in the United States and has been an A-rated school since 1999. Students will be challenged by a rigorous IB curriculum while exploring how they can connect with, and improve, their community.

Medical studies and explorations

• Sligh Middle Magnet

2011 E Sligh Ave., Tampa

(813) 276-5596

Students at Sligh, one of a select few Nationally Certified Magnet Schools of Excellence in the country, will find themselves surrounded by the medical field each day on campus. Partnerships with Florida Hospital, USF Pharmacy, Moffitt Cancer Center and others bring expert visitors to campus to lecture, lead experiments and develop skills. Students in every grade take a daily medical skills elective led by a certified medical professional and wear scrubs Monday to Thursday.

Single-gender programs

• Ferrell Girls Preparatory Academy

4302 24th St., Tampa

(813) 276-5608

This all-girls school is a National Magnet School of Distinction and is dedicated to developing confident, dynamic, educated young women. Every student is equipped with an iPad to enhance and enrich her learning. All of the technology, the research-based instruction, and the activities at Ferrell revolve around one goal: Every Girl, Every Day, College Bound.

• Franklin Middle Magnet

3915 21st Ave., Tampa

(813) 744-8108

Franklin is a National Magnet School of Distinction and brings a unique style of learning to its all-boys student body. Every student uses an iPad, and educators balance this technology with character education and other activities. The focus on academic excellence promotes achievement, pre-AP readiness, professionalism, self-confidence and motivation in a stimulating atmosphere that prepares young men for success and allows them to grow as leaders. They emerge with a readiness for college and an appreciation for their place in the world.

STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)

• Stewart Middle Magnet

1125 Spruce St., Tampa

(813) 276-5691

As one of the few NASA Explorer Schools in the nation, Stewart's focus is on students who wish to study aeronautics and space. Located near the Hillsborough River, it features top-level technology and science labs and Project Lead the Way as part of its curriculum. The school has a math academy for gifted and talented students, and offers high school credit courses in science, math, engineering, gaming, robotics and Spanish. It has won the Magnet Schools of American National Merit Award six years running since 2013.

• Greco Middle

6925 E Fowler Ave., Temple Terrace

(813) 987-6926

The STEM Academy is available to sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders. Students and teachers will remain in the same groupings throughout their time in middle school. The academy has three key elements: smaller classes; a high school/college prep curriculum with an engineering theme; and an advisory board that forges partnerships with colleges and the community.

Visual, performing and communication arts

• Orange Grove Middle Magnet

3415 16th St., Tampa

(813) 276-5717

The vision of this National Magnet School of Excellence is to prepare every student to be successful and creative by promoting high academic standards through an arts-integrated approach to learning. In addition to teaching a full range of academic courses, educators encourage students to work hard at becoming exemplary artists, dancers, musicians and graphic designers. Local partners such as the Patel Conservatory and the Arts Council, as well as partners throughout the nation help students sharpen their talents and display them in performances at Orange Grove and venues across the county and state.

• Progress Village Middle Magnet School of the Arts

8113 Zinnia Dr., Tampa

(813) 671-5110

Progress Village encourages exploration of the arts through performance opportunities and engaging electives. At this National Magnet School of Distinction, students will have the chance to take part in women's chorus, jazz or contemporary dance troupes, culinary arts and digital art design electives, among others. The arts can be found in every classroom and every subject area at the school.


Academy of Architectural and Environmental Design

• Tampa Bay Technical High

6410 Orient Rd., Tampa

(813) 744-8360 ext. 236

By providing students with fundamental instruction in the development and design of total building spaces and environments -- including structural designs, architectural features, exterior spaces and landscaping -- this program provides an introduction to a myriad of careers relevant to architecture and the use of space. Areas of study include the history and art of design, manual drafting skills, Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD), and three-dimensional drafting.

Academy of Computer Game Design & Computer Systems Engineering/Information Technology

• Middleton High

4801 N 22nd St., Tampa

(813) 233-3360, ext. 225

The Academy of Computer Game Design program prepares students for the world of video game design and animation. Students practice skills in programming, graphic design, management and 3D modeling. They also earn industry certifications. In the Computer Systems Engineering program, students begin by studying the hardware and software of personal computers in preparation for the nationally recognized A+ Certification Exam. Hands-on labs and virtual desktop learning tools will help students develop critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills. For the latter program, students must have taken and passed Algebra I or Algebra I Honors.

Academy of Engineering

• Middleton High

4801 N 22nd St., Tampa

(813) 233-3360, ext. 225

This rigorous program employs a nationally recognized pre-engineering curriculum of Project Lead the Way. Courses include Introduction to Engineering, Principles of Engineering, Digital Electronics, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Civil Engineering/Architecture, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Design & Development. Students use the same 3D design software used by companies like Intel, Lockheed Martin and Pixar. To enroll, they must have taken and passed Algebra I or Algebra I Honors.

Academy of Health Professions

• Tampa Bay Technical High

6410 Orient Rd., Tampa

(813) 744-8360 ext. 236

Thematic, project-based programs in mathematics, science and medical activities serve students with a particular interest in medicine and other health care fields, such as cardiology, dental sciences, medical laboratory, ophthalmology, nursing, occupational therapy/physical therapy, radiology and alternative medicine. Mentorships, externships and shadowing at community agencies, businesses and university laboratories also orient students toward careers in biotechnology, biochemistry, bioengineering, agriscience, bioscience research and practical nursing.

Academy of Veterinary Science

• Tampa Bay Technical High

6410 Orient Rd., Tampa

(813) 744-8360 ext. 236

This program provides students with a rigorous, stimulating sequence of courses in animal medicine. Courses include animal anatomy and physiology, zoology, breed identification, diagnostic testing, genetics, disease and parasite treatment, surgical preparation, pharmacy, breeding and grooming. Students will acquire real-world experience by working with animals in the school’s lab and through clinical rotations at offsite veterinary clinics, the Florida Aquarium, Suncoast Primate Sanctuary and Bakas Equestrian Center.


• Blake High

1701 North Blvd., Tampa

(813) 272-3422 ext. 719

Blake is the premiere high school for performing, visual and communication arts located in downtown Tampa on the Hillsborough River. In partnership with local mentors, artists, arts organizations and universities, this program provides students with rigorous arts, technology and academic programs. The visual arts program offers instruction in painting, drawing, sculpture, jewelry, digital imagery, photography, ceramics, glass, printmaking and mixed media. The communication arts program encourages and develops the unique voice and talent of the student interested in creative writing, print, broadcast journalism and digital media production. The performing arts program offers an array of courses in music, theater and dance.

Biomedical-biotechnology / scientific research

• Middleton High

4801 N 22nd St., Tampa

(813) 233-3360, ext. 225

Through a nationally recognized program from Project Lead the Way, students explore concepts of human medicine and are introduced to topics such as physiology, genetics, microbiology and public health. Through activities like dissecting a heart, students examine the processes, structures and interactions of the human body, often playing the role of biomedical professionals. They also explore the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, working collaboratively to investigate and design solutions to health challenges such as fighting cancer with nanotechnology. Students must have taken and passed Algebra I or Algebra I Honors.

Business & Finance Leadership Academy

• Jefferson High

4401 Cypress St., Tampa

(813) 872-5241, ext. 228

This program incorporates virtual programs such as Knowledge Matters: Virtual Business Management and Personal Finance, which gives students a chance to compete nationally with their peers for additional experiences and scholarship opportunities. Advisors play a major role in students education as members of the Academy of Finance Advisory Committee, which includes partnerships with the Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union, the University of South Florida’s College of Business-Department of Finance, and NAF headquartered in New York.

Collegiate Academy

• Armwood High

12000 E U.S. Highway 92, Seffner

(813) 744-8040

• Lennard High

2342 Shell Point Rd. E, Ruskin

(813) 641-5611

• Leto High

4409 W Sligh Ave., Tampa

(813) 872-5300

• Spoto High

8538 Eagle Palm Dr, Riverview

(813) 672-5423

The academy provides students with an opportunity to earn an Associate of Arts degree through Hillsborough Community College in addition to their high school diploma. Students will take college courses free of cost (including textbooks) during the school day on one of the three academy campuses. In addition to academic preparation, the academy will provide other types of “college knowledge” such as self-management of study routines and test preparation, handling the pace and expectations of college courses, and strategic use of resources such as college advisors and ambassadors from local college campuses. Research shows that students who take dual enrollment classes are more likely to graduate from college. Students must have taken and passed Algebra I or Algebra I Honors.

Culinary Arts Leadership Academy

• Jefferson High

4401 Cypress St., Tampa

(813) 872-5241, ext. 228

This program equips students with college-ready, professional skills needed to excel in life. Students move through the curriculum from the most basic level to the most advanced level with daily application of their acquired culinary skills. Students can earn the National ProStart Certificate of Achievement, enabling them to learn the art of cooking and restaurant management. They also can earn the ServSafe Food Protection Manager certification for food safety. Both meet industry standards.

International Baccalaureate programs

• Hillsborough High

5000 Central Ave., Tampa

(813) 276-5620 ext. 262

• King High

6815 N 56th St., Tampa

(813) 744-8333 ext. 281

• Robinson High

6311 S Lois Ave., Tampa

(813) 272-3006 ext. 244

• Strawberry Crest High

4691 Gallagher Rd., Dover

(813) 707-7522 ext. 242

The International Baccalaureate program offers a rigorous pre-university course of studies for highly motivated students, who have the opportunity to earn college credits while in high school. The program provides the intellectual, social and critical perspective necessary to be competitive later in life. IB students regularly volunteer around the Tampa Bay area, which balances their academic responsibility with civic awareness. Each of these Hillsborough County programs boasts a high percentage of seniors (from 90 to 100 percent) graduating with an IB diploma in addition to their high school diploma. Many have gone on to attend Ivy League schools, the military academies and other prestigious universities.

Law & Criminal Justice Leadership Academy

• Jefferson High

4401 Cypress St., Tampa

813-872-5241, ext. 228

Students choose a law or criminal justice focus. And, depending on which track they select, they will have an opportunity to study constitutional law, court procedures, crime scene investigation, forensic science, international law, criminal law, and the techniques involved in fingerprinting and photographing for evidence collection. Students also are exposed to professional legal expertise through guest speakers such as local, state, and federal judges, DEA agents, law enforcement personnel and attorneys.

Maritime & Marine Environmental Science Leadership Academy

• Jefferson High

4401 Cypress St., Tampa

813-872-5241, ext. 228

Students are exposed to in-depth study of oceanography, marine biology, admiralty law, and port and shipping operations while learning to become college-ready and gaining the professional skills needed to excel. The program offers honors-level curricula, paid internships for on-the-job training, job shadow opportunities, theme-focused field trips, a range of guest speakers, and opportunities to join professional clubs and perform community service.

Urban Teaching Academy

• Blake High

1701 North Blvd., Tampa

(813) 272-3422

This rigorous, four-year program is for students aspiring to become teachers in urban schools. It includes academic guidance, practical field experience and intensive preparation to be competitive for college scholarships. Topics include public speaking, lesson planning, ethics, educational philosophies, assessment, classroom management, instructional technology and professional dress. Students will complete electives offering field experience in and out of school. And they will get to work directly with college education professors and education students from partner institutions. Successful students will be tracked through college and the application process for employment in the Hillsborough school district.


(Students applying for these programs must meet proficiency in math or reading on standardized test scores to be considered for a spot.)

Academy of Finance

• Brandon High

1101 Victoria St., Brandon

(813) 744-8120

The program is a member of the National Academy Foundation, which offers students a curriculum in financial markets, banking, investments and financial planning. Students will have the opportunity to obtain a paid summer internship, work in the student-led Suncoast Federal Credit Union branch and participate in job shadowing field trips.

Advanced Academy of Film Production & Design

• Spoto High

8538 Eagle Palm Drive, Riverview

(813) 672-5423

Prepares students for careers in digital media and film creation. They will learn the fundamentals of 3D and digital video creation, including perspective, lighting and rotation, as well as video camera operation, video editing, lighting concepts, audio recording, electronic news gathering, field production, and scriptwriting. Potential careers include texture artists, motion capture technicians, multi-media artists, broadcast technicians, video camera operators, video editors and producers.

Advanced Placement Scholars program

• King High

6815 N 56th St., Tampa

(813) 744-8333

• Chamberlain High

9401 North Blvd., Tampa

(813) 975-7677

The program is designed to provide students with multiple Advanced Placement course offerings taught by specially trained teachers. Students also get a variety of AP courses relating to personal interests and strengths, a program coordinator for increased student attention, special preparation for AP exams, a parent organization, a summer camp program and special recognition at graduation.

Aeronautical Academy

• Robinson High

6311 S Lois Ave., Tampa

(813) 272-3006

The Academy’s relationships with Tampa International Airport, MacDill Air Force Base, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the National Aviation Academy, and various aerospace manufacturers open up many opportunities for students to understand the world of military and civilian aerospace. Students have the opportunity to earn college credit while exploring unique and engaging coursework such as aerospace technology, mission planning and aerospace security.

Aerospace Engineering Academy

• Madison Middle

4444 Bay Vista Ave., Tampa

(813) 272-3050

Students will use mathematics, natural sciences, engineering and technology through authentic projects and problem-solving activities to develop an understanding of all aspects of flight aerospace and astronautics. The skills of individual leadership and self reliance will be developed through team activities and competition involvement in the Technology Student Association and Civil Air Patrol, helping students prepare for success.

Bioengineering Academy

• Buchanan Middle

1001 W Bearss Ave., Tampa

(813) 975-7600

Bioengineering is the application of the life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics and engineering principles to define and solve problems in biology, medicine, health care, agriculture and other fields. It is a relatively new discipline that combines many aspects of traditional engineering fields such as chemical, electrical, medical and mechanical engineering. Using engineering software and related technologies, this program allows students to explore a variety of authentic bioengineering projects and problems while integrating and incorporating the essentials of STEM education in all courses.

Center for Gifted Studies

• Boyette Springs Elementary

10141 Sedgebrook Drive, Riverview

(813) 671-5060

This program is for students who meet Florida's gifted eligibility requirement. The center employs the research-supported Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) approach, with the goal of developing talents, providing a broad range of enrichment experiences and providing advanced learning for children based on their interests. The approach emphasizes engagement and the use of enjoyable and challenging learning experiences, and results in the development of motivation, creativity, advanced thinking skills and collaboration.

Fashion Technology and Design

• Spoto High

8538 Eagle Palm Drive, Riverview

(813) 672-5405

The program will help students prepare for careers in the textile industry. However, they also will develop skills that will ready them for college. The academy works to inspire creativity through rigorous coursework and to foster an appreciation of the history and the future of the fashion design industry.

Fire Science and Emergency Medical Responder

• Strawberry Crest High

4691 Gallagher Rd., Dover

(813) 707-7522

• Jefferson High

4401 Cypress St., Tampa

(813) 872-5241

These programs equip students with the skill set necessary for success in areas where helping others is central. The fire science program prepares students for careers as firefighters upon completion of state and national exams. Students learn how to provide initial care to sick or injured people as part of an organized emergency medical services team. The emergency medical responder program provides instruction on how students can administer initial care to sick or injured persons as ambulance drivers and attendants.

Modeling and simulation

• Monroe Middle

4716 W Montgomery Ave., Tampa

(813) 272-3020

Modeling and simulation has been described as one of the key enabling technologies of the 21st Century. This curriculum provides students with an understanding of the systems, processes and tools used in engineering, science, health care, business, education, training and many other disciplines. Students engage daily in inquiry-driven, hands-on, technology rich lessons that foster innovative thinking and skilled communication. Class topics include computer coding, engineering design cycle, Future Cities competition, game theory, basic app development and more.

Pre-Engineering Academy

• Greco Middle

6925 E Fowler Ave., Temple Terrace

(813) 987-6926

The academy is part of a nationwide effort to enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning, and capture the interest of students from an early age. Students can earn multiple high school credits in eighth grade, giving them the opportunity to begin high school in AP credited classes. The program’s alumni have gone on to participate in some of the most advanced programs high schools have to offer in a variety of focuses, from the International Baccalaureate program to robotics academies and the King High School Advanced Placement Scholars program.

Pre-KAPS Academy

• Greco Middle

6925 E Fowler Ave., Temple Terrace

(813) 987-6926

This is a liberal arts-based honors program designed to prepare students for Advanced Placement coursework at the high school level, specifically for the King High School Advanced Placement Scholars, or KAPS, course of study. Students in grades 6 and 7 are prepared to take eighth-grade honors courses and are invited to participate in visits to college campuses. This is paired with an opportunity to join a mentoring program that follows students through high school and into college.

Robotics Engineering Academy

• McLane Middle

306 N Knights Ave. Brandon

(813) 744-8100

Robotics is a branch of engineering that uses electronics, computer science, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and bioengineering to enhance the quality of life for humans. Students in this program learn advanced programming and engineering. They remain together for three years, with the same core teachers throughout, fostering growth and camaraderie.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

• Madison Middle School

4444 Bay Vista Ave., Tampa

(813) 272-3050

Tomorrow’s Leaders Academy fosters an appreciation of the concepts necessary to become an effective and strong leader, and also helps students acquire the critical skills needed for higher level mathematics, science and technology.


Partnership schools are schools that have developed an innovative partnership between the public and private sector. Proof of employment in the partnership area is a requirement.

Patricia J. Sullivan Partnership School

2202 N Florida Ave., Tampa

(813) 347-4160

This community school serves kindergarten through fifth-grade students, who are taught to practice Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People in every facet of their learning. They make long-term goals, continuously evaluate those goals and share them during student-led parent conferences. All students have a mentor who visits the school weekly during lunch for about 30 minutes, and are exposed to a variety of field trips and events involving local business and community partners.

Note: Rampello Downtown Partnership K-8 Magnet and Roland Park K-8 Magnet are also partnership schools. They are listed in this guide under K-8 schools.