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A young dolphin was struggling to breathe. These people jumped into action.

The dolphin was stuck in a lobster trap line. The crew’s actions likely saved the dolphin’s life.

A Key West watersports boat crew worked together Nov. 30 to rescue a juvenile dolphin that had become entangled in a lobster trap’s line and was struggling to breathe.

In a video taken by a witness, you can see as the small Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin struggles to break the water’s surface because it is being weighed down by the trap.

“He is exhausted from dragging the 75-pound trap to the surface to breathe,” Bill McDonough posted on Facebook. “The mother was frantically pushing him to the surface.”

As a company, we are honored to have individuals like Captain Ryan and his crew Abbey, Tomas and Joe working for us....

Posted by Fury Water Adventures Key West on Monday, December 2, 2019

McDonough said the boat Capt. Ryan Frederick tried to move the boat closer to the two dolphins while a mate tried to grab the lobster floats. But they realized the rescue couldn’t be done from the boat.

Fury mates Abbey Brewster and Tomas Rieber jumped into the water and swam after the two dolphins.

Rieber pulled the young dolphin up and cut the trap line a few feet away from its tail. Brewster stayed close to the mother trying to reassure her they were helping the youngster.

“Great job by the whole crew to make the rescue,” McDonough wrote.

“Both dolphins were getting very tired,” Joannie Koutny Bruns posted. “I do think that the one would have died if they didn’t help her get loose.”