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Watch: Hunter snares large python while saving small gator in process

A python hunter not only captured a 10-foot python as part of the state's effort to curb the python population in the Everglades, but he also saved a 4-foot gator in the process.

The catch was caught on video by Mike Hubbard, who was accompanying hunter Mike Kimmel as he sought out pythons in the Everglades on Friday.

The video, shot at night, shows Kimmel reaching into the marshy, grassy water to pull out a python that had wrapped itself around the small gator.

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"I got him. The gator's still alive," Kimmel, owner of Martin County Trapping and Removals and Martin County Wildlife Rescue, could be heard saying on video. "I got you buddy, hold on."

After yanking them out of the water, Kimmel freed the gator and uncoiled the python on what appeared to be a dirt road before asking Hubbard, "Do you want to wrestle with this thing?"

Hubbard admitted his fear of snakes but went along anyway, reaching down and taking hold while Kimmel went to his truck to get a bag.

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With Kimmel holding it open, Hubbard managed to slip the python in and bag the snake while Kimmel secured it, punctuating the catch with a smile and a handshake.

This isn't the first time Kimmel, has had an encounter with a gator while hunting pythons. He told the Miami Herald" that he has rescued three gators that were in danger of being killed by pythons.


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