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Inspired parents present Sept. 26 Father-Daughter Ball

RIVERVIEW — Every father can make an impact on his daughter's life if their relationship is cherished and nurtured.

Nicolle Jones and her husband, Anthony, know this well. Nicolle has mentored disadvantaged young women as a volunteer for Joshua House, a haven for abused and neglected children in Tampa.

And they have a 6-year-old daughter, Anastasia.

Together, the South Tampa couple conceived the idea of the Father Daughter Ball, which they successfully inaugurated last year from their desire to strengthen family ties and encourage positive self-worth among daughters of all ages.

Because the first ball was so well-received, they will host the Second Annual Tampa Bay Father Daughter Ball on Sept. 26 at the Regent.

Nicolle's new nonprofit, Made Wonderfully, sponsors the formal evening.

Financed by the couple's own money and backed by the generosity of family, friends and members of their church, the goal of this year's Father Daughter Ball is to get the community more involved.

"We truly want it to be a community event," Nicolle said. "The ball will set the tone, standard and vision to grow it every year and see Tampa Bay get behind it. We want to make sure that everyone has an amazing experience with their loved ones."

The ball is in memory of the couple's second daughter who was lost before birth, as well as a tribute to Anastasia, who turned out to be a miracle baby following a difficult pregnancy for Nicolle.

"I want to tell and show my little girl how much she means to me," Anthony said.

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