Who’s not running for St. Petersburg mayor?

That’s easier to answer than who is.
Rick Baker, a candidate for St. Petersburg mayor in 2017.
Rick Baker, a candidate for St. Petersburg mayor in 2017. [ SCOTT KEELER | Scott Keeler ]
Published Nov. 19, 2020

St. Petersburg’s open-seat mayoral race next year is likely to attract a double-digit field of candidates, including several serious contenders.

So at this point, who isn’t running might be an easier question to answer than who is. Here are some hints.

  • Former Mayor Rick Baker, acknowledging he’s asked frequently about it: “I find it flattering, I appreciate and we do need a good mayor, so I’d like to see somebody good, but I can’t imagine it’s going to be me.”
  • State Sen. Jeff Brandes: “I’m fully committed to serving out my term through 2022.”
  • City Council member Brandi Gabbard, noting she’s a first-termer: “At this point in time I’m committed to representing my district — it is my intention to run for reelection to my council seat.”
  • Council member Robert Blackmon: “I’m still in my first year and I want to keep doing the work I’m doing on the council. The mayor’s office has not been on my radar screen, but I’m waiting until I see all the options to make up my mind who I’m going to back.”