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Florida certifies voting results for president and other races

The Elections Canvassing Commission, made up of Gov. Ron DeSantis and two members of his cabinet, met briefly Tuesday to perform the perfunctory duty of certifying the election results.

Now it’s official.

The Florida Elections Canvassing Commission met for about a minute Tuesday morning and certified the state’s official vote totals in the 2020 general election for president and for other federal, state and multicounty contests.

Florida’s smooth election, coupled with a comfortable win by President Donald Trump in the Sunshine State, means Florida escaped the drama some had worried could unfold after the election.

Trump won Florida by a margin of more than 370,000 votes, with more than 11 million total votes cast in that race.

Only one state legislative seat went to a recount. Republican Ileana Garcia beat incumbent José Javier Rodríguez in the race for Senate District 37 in Miami-Dade by only 34 votes.

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The canvassing commission is made up of Republicans: Gov. Ron DeSantis, Attorney General Ashley Moody and Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis. They called in to the meeting by phone to approve the certification of the results.

The official vote totals were sent to the commission by each of the 67 counties' elections canvassing boards, which had to turn in official results by Sunday.

Some states have also already certified their elections and many others will do so in the coming days, although the Trump campaign and others tied to Trump have filed lawsuits in some states to try to block or delay the certification of votes.

Florida’s 29 electors will meet Dec. 14 to officially cast ballots for president and vice president. Each state’s electors are the ones who actually vote for president and vice president.

The U.S. Congress will meet in joint session on Jan. 6 to count the Electoral College votes.

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