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Don’t travel to the Florida Keys, tourism website says

The decline of coral reefs is the cause for concern.

Fodor’s Travel has just said no to the Florida Keys.

The travel website, which releases a “Go” and a “No” list each year, has put the Keys are on the “No” list for 2020.

Now what have the Keys done to earn the ire of Fodor’s?

There’s no shade here. The site reports that it uses the list to “highlight issues — ethical, environmental, sometimes even political — that we’re thinking about before, during, and long after we travel.”

In the case of the Keys, the decline of its coral reefs are the cause for concern (a legitimate one — they’re struggling). Fodor’s wants to give them a break and let them heal.

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This should not be a problem, as most people heading to Key West are more interested in the indoor sports of eating and drinking and or the outdoor sport of eating and drinking on a sunset cruise.

Also on the 2020 No list: Barcelona, Big Sur, Bali, Angkor Wat (too crowded); the Matterhorn (too deadly); the Galapagos (considering a huge tourist tax because it’s overrun with you annoying people); some resorts in Mexico and Central America (where the booze can kill you); any place that has elephant rides as a tourist attraction (it’s cruel, don’t do it); and Cape Town (unsafe for its residents).

Still, Fodor’s insists, finding oneself on the No list is “not a scarlet letter." Rather, it’s a promise that when we do cover the destinations mentioned here — all of which are, truly, wondrous places — we’ll be doing so responsibly, warts and all.”

Where should you go in 2020? South America, Fodor’s says.