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Anti-Trump golf cart in the Villages leads to argument, threatening note

A man in the argument can be heard on video saying that he wishes he could punch President Donald Trump in the nose.

The Villages is a unique place.

The median age of its residents is 71 years old. There are more than two Republicans for every Democrat. And, on Wednesday afternoon, it was the site of what the local newspaper, the Villages-News, described as a ‘nasty tiff’ after the sight of an anti-Trump golf cart supposedly turned into a threat against a resident’s family.

The Villages-News reports that a well-known anti-Trump protester discovered a threatening note on the front door of his Village of Hadley home on Wednesday morning that read: “Be very careful if the well being of your family is of importance.”

The note led to arguing in the streets, apparently. The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office was called.

Deputies declared that the note was a ‘vague threat’ toward Ed McGinty. McGinty, however, has since told media outlets that he believes it’s related to his golf cart, which features signs that call the president a liar, sexual predator and a ‘filthy pig.’

The woman he argued with in the street, according to the Villages-News, said she was disgusted by the signs on McGinty’s golf cart.

“That’s blasphemy,” she told the paper about the signs. “You don’t say that about the president of the United States.”

The woman, named Marsha Hill, said that McGinty called her a pig. She vowed to tweet out videos of McGinty on Wednesday night — which she followed up on.

The video begins with Hill asking McGinty why he believes Trump is a sexual predator. He quickly responds: “Do you live in a cave, lady?”

The conversation quickly escalated.

“I will defend Trump until the day I die,” Hill exclaimed to McGinty, to which he responded that he’d punch Trump ‘right in the nose.’