Watch this Florida man legally drive a motorized jet ski

Florida man riding motorized jet ski in Jacksonville. [WJXT]
Florida man riding motorized jet ski in Jacksonville. [WJXT]
Published Sept. 19, 2018

Jacksonville has become known for unique motorists as of late, with one seen lounging on a motorcycle while driving and another spotted driving a lawn mower on Interstate 95.

Just when you think you've seen it all, however, a Jacksonville man was spotted Tuesday driving on Normandy Boulevard on a motorized jet ski.

MAKING WAVES | A motorist in Jacksonville was spotted riding around Normandy Boulevard on a motorized... jet ski.

Videos of the man, 23-year-old Trey Yarbrough, went viral on social media.

The craziest part about the "jet-ski scooter?"

It's street legal.

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper told told WJXT the jet-ski scooter is legal if it meets all street-legal parameters and has a visible tail light.

Yarbrough told WJXT the Department of Transportation approved his headlight, adding, "It is a street legal '89 Honda elite scooter and has an integrated tail light that works."

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