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Hillsborough schools are nearly 13 percent charter

That’s nearly double the percentage from five years ago.

More than one in eight public school children in Hillsborough County are in charters, according to the latest enrollment numbers.

The district, which did a 20 day count for staff assignment purposes, reported there were 28,108 students in charters — which get state funding but are managed independently of the government district — out of a total preschool-to-grade 12 enrollment of 220,899. That works out to 12.7 percent in charter schools.

Overall, the district-run schools lost 621 students while the charters gained 2,879 since last year.

The numbers have been creeping up over time. Five years ago, Hillsborough's public school charter enrollment was 7.3 percent of the total.

Enrollment is still expected to change, as migrant farm worker families often arrive as late as November.

The Tampa Bay times is awaiting school-by-school numbers that will give a clearer picture of where the students are going.