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Gradebook podcast: Are Florida’s 4-year-olds ready for school?

Early education advocate Lindsay Carson discusses what the state can do to improve youngsters’ school readiness.

Florida voters approved a universal prekindergarten program back in 2002, after lawmakers refused to implement a an early education system to help prepare young children for school.

Since then, the program has grown in enrollment, but its funding has remained stagnant, and its success has been limited.

This year, state officials have called for improvements. With early learning on the front burner — it was the first topic of conversation for the House Education Committee as it heads to the 2020 legislative session — we turned to Pinellas County Early Learning Coalition CEO Lindsay Carson to discuss what needs to be done to fix the state’s prekindergarten and school readiness model.

Carson also chairs the state’s Association of Early Learning Coalitions. She spoke with reporter Jeff Solochek.

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