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Hillsborough school by school progress data is in

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First page of school data report
First page of school data report [ Times staff ]
Published Nov. 20, 2019

How are things going this year in the school where you work, or send your children?

Detailed information is available right here.'

The Hillsborough County School District made these reports available to School Board members in advance of Tuesday’s workshop on strategic goals and they are linked here.

Some of the information, concerning student and employee morale, is taken from last spring’s climate surveys.

But there are also results of reading tests taken this past fall, as schools try to see where they stand as they prepare students for the Florida Standards Assessment in the spring. The numbers come from iReady, a testing and instructional system the district uses for reading and math.

One finding that some board members found startling: In many schools, agreement rates were very low to the statement: “Students at this school treat each other with respect.” Among the lowest in that category was Eisenhower Middle School, where only 8 percent of students agreed with the statement.

Reading scores continue to be well below the stated goal of having at least 80 percent of all third graders reading at or above grade level. Based on the fall iReady tests, only 9 percent of third graders at James Elementary are on level. Low numbers were also seen at Foster Elementary (13 percent) and Sulphur Springs K-8 (14 percent).

The reports also showed some results of last spring’s teacher climate survey. As reported before, the report was especially discouraging at Kimbell Elementary School, where only five percent of teachers agreed with the statement: “There is an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect in this school.”