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Pasco school district nonbargaining employees could soon see raises

The School Board will consider a $2.2 million package at its Dec. 17 meeting.

The Pasco County school district hasn’t completed its contract talks with teachers — its largest employee group — and has yet to ratify a tentative deal with its school-related personnel.

But that isn’t stopping the administration from proposing a $2.2 million pay raise package for its approximately 1,100 non-bargaining workers, including school and district-level administrators and other professional-technical staff.

Historically, the district waited until its union negotiations were done and dusted before turning its attention to the bosses and others not included in collective bargaining. But 2018 marked a turning point, as teacher talks dragged on, with disagreements eventually leading to a formal impasse.

Saying the non-bargaining workers had waited patiently and should not be held hostage to negotiations that don’t involve them, the administration recommended a raise commensurate with what it had offered the union representatives. The board agreed without much discussion.

It took place at about the same time of year, with the winter holidays and a two-week break looming. And the same general concept again appears on the board’s agenda for Dec. 17.

The staff has called for raises for the non-bargaining employees totaling $2,051,443, with an additional amount of $137,903 to go toward the connected retirement fund contributions. The proposal does not include any money attached to the state Best and Brightest bonus for principals.

The board is expected to approve a 3.25 percent raise for school-related personnel on Dec. 17. Its latest bargaining session for teacher contracts was canceled because one of the lead negotiators could not attend.