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School Board to name east Pasco technical high school

Residents have recommended honoring former students, educators and community leaders, among other options.

A former Wesley Chapel High School student, who died in 2014 of a rare disease, has received the most support to be honored when the Pasco County School Board names its next new school.

Sean Bartell, known as a hard working and generous student whose family has created a scholarship in his honor, had 72 submissions calling upon the board to name the new east Pasco technical high school after him.

“Sean is a reminder to the community of bringing joy to everyone, even after you’re gone,” one supporter wrote.

“The tragic death of this youth affected the family so deeply. Now that family gives back to the community in so many ways honoring their son and just giving back,” wrote another. “The Bartells are a great asset to our community and naming a school after their son would be a true tribute for this family.”

The district received dozens of proposals since asking the public for ideas in July. Among them were the names of politicians, historical references and statements of purpose, along with the names of several local figures who play roles large and small in the community.

After Sean Bartell, the recommendation with the second highest number of submissions was Kirkland Ranch, signifying the land at the corner of Curley and Kiefer roads where the school is rising.

“The name recognizes the history of the location, using a naming convention similar to that of nearby Wiregrass Ranch High School,” wrote one supporter, echoing the view of others.

Additional notable names also submitted for consideration include former Crews Lake Middle principal Adam Kennedy, who died after a crash while driving to work; former Sheriff’s Capt. Charles “Bo” Harrison, killed in the line of duty; former Wesley Chapel Elementary music teacher Dan Bolt, who died unexpectedly; and east Pasco musical group the Bellamy Brothers.

Some people looked to other ideas, suggesting Blossom — “At the end of every STEM is a beautiful blossom”; Challenge — “The name speaks for itself. A challenge for those that want to be the best”; and Corporate Sponsor Name — “We know education is underfunded, so why not rent our schools exterior.”

See the full list of recommendations here. The School Board is set to pick one when it meets Tuesday.