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School reopening plans keep shifting as COVID-19 trends change

A roundup of Florida education news from around the state.

School district officials across Florida are trying to prepare for the fall. Every time they announce plans, though, they might as well add an asterisk. Because COVID-19 continues to change perspectives on what everyone thinks they know and what they might try to do. Read on for that and more Florida education news.  

Pasco County district leaders initially said they wouldn’t try to mandate masks in school. At a Tuesday workshop they edged away from that view. • Brevard County schools are sticking with optional student masks for now, Florida Today reports. • After considering various possibilities, Broward County school officials will require them, the Sun-Sentinel reports. 

Hillsborough County school officials thought they could have indoor, in-person graduation ceremonies in July. Those are off now. • At least one person who attended a Hamilton County high school graduation has tested positive for COVID-19, WTXL reports. 

Duval County’s School Board looked for ways to have classroom social distancing. It went with plastic shields between desks instead of masks, the Florida Times-Union reports. 

Counting on the Complete Florida Plus online system of courses and materials to get you through? Don’t, Politico Florida reports. 

Even as districts make their plans, some parents remain dissatisfied. A group protested for ‘five days face to face’ outside the Broward School Board meeting, WSVN reports. • In Duval, a coalition of parents called for the School Board to postpone the first day of classes, WJXT reports. 

Southside Christian Academy has participated in Florida's Tax Credit Scholarship program. A new U.S. Supreme Court ruling on school vouchers is not expected to change the state's scholarship and voucher programs. [Times | 2011]

School vouchers get a new lease on life. A case out of Montana gave the U.S. Supreme Court the opportunity to rule states that subsidize private education must not discriminate against religious-based schools, Education Dive reports. The impact on Florida’s voucher programs? Almost none. More from Education Next

Gov. DeSantis left $8 million in the budget for classroom panic alarms. Then he signed the bill mandating them, the Sun-Sentinel reports. 

He cut $2 million for the KIPP charter schools in Jacksonville. That money had been untouchable in recent years, the Florida Times-Union reports. 

Getting rid of school names with a racist connection has support in Broward County. But the word ‘Plantation’ won’t be going anywhere any time soon, the Sun-Sentinel reports. 

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Before you go ... Schools continue to feed hungry children during the summer. Don’t know where to look? Check with your district. Or maybe look for the lady in the banana suit waving the sign.

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