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The latest, that we know of, about school reopening plans in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando Counties

All plans are subject to change, but here is what the thinking looks like for August reopenings
A sample configuration of desks in the reopened Pinellas County Schools
A sample configuration of desks in the reopened Pinellas County Schools [ Pinellas County Schools ]
Published Jul. 11, 2020
Updated Jul. 13, 2020

We know. You have a ton of questions as you try to decide if your child will go back to school next month or learn at home.

Will he lose his spot in a magnet program if you choose distance learning? How safe is soccer practice? Will he be suspended for talking his mask off? And how is he supposed to keep his mask on if the air conditioning breaks down?

A big caveat before we post these links: THINGS CHANGE. Pinellas is workshopping its reopening plan on Tuesday morning, and that is why you will see the word “DRAFT” on all the pages. Adjustments are happening in Hillsborough too as everybody watches the COVID-19 numbers and new contingenies continue to arise.

But we have gathered the proposed reopening plans for all three districts, in one place, for your weekend reading. And we will replace them as they are rewritten.

And so, without further ado, here is what is being contemplated:

A final note: Typically, it is the administration and not the School Board that makes the decisions. But School Board members do have influence over their superintendents, and they are fully expecting your feedback.