The 'I-4 Eyesore' has been under construction since 2001. It's showing glimmers of life.

The original post showing the "I-4 Eyesore" illuminated for the first time.
The original post showing the "I-4 Eyesore" illuminated for the first time.
Published Jul. 26, 2018

Any drive on Interstate 4 through Altamonte Springs isn't complete without a view of the Majesty Building, otherwise known as the "I-4 Eyesore."

The 18-story building has been under construction for more than 17 years, according to Orlando Weekly, and has become a running joke among Floridians as the owner, Claud Bowers, consistently promises finish dates for the building that never come to fruition.

On Tuesday, however, a Facebook post from a woman named Valarie Bush displayed a picture of the building illuminated with lights from top to bottom, the first picture of its kind since construction began in 2001.

The progress has made some Central Floridians hopeful that a potential completion date may finally be in sight. The progress comes three months after Bowers, CEO of the religious independent TV station SuperChannel 55, said there would be "big changes over the coming months," according to radio station 96.5 WBDO.

He also told the station that workers are now building the "last major component," which is a mostly underground parking garage that will accommodate 1,000 cars.

Before Tuesday, the building sat in darkness through the night for more a decade. On Tuesday, however, Bowers kept his promise made in April.

"It will be quite a spectacle. We'll have fiber optic lighting up the fins of the building up to the top floors," he told 96.5. "Day or night, it will be quite a visible image. We'll light it up when the time is right."

As the building lit up for the first time, so did local residents, taking to social media to share their feelings on the project's potential near-completion.

When news that the building was illuminated surfaced, some former Florida residents couldn't believe the building was still under construction.

A Facebook user named Corey Hawkins II said Wednesday: "I lived in Texas for 3 years during this building's construction, lived in Jax for 10 years and moved back to Texas for 4. Now I'm in Seattle and this building is still not finished. Wild."

Others were equally surprised to see the building finally lit up for the first time.


The I4 Eyesore being completed is the easily the biggest central Florida story ever.