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Wondering how Tampa Bay hospitals rank? See the new federal scores.

Fewer hospitals have a one-star ranking this year, though only one received a five-star score..
Tampa Bay hospitals, including St. Joseph's Hospital, of which a room is pictured here, were graded in new federal rankings.

Only one hospital in the Tampa Bay area got a top rating from the federal government’s latest scorecard.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ranks hospitals on a one- to five-star system based on data each hospital reports. The rankings consider mortality, safety of care, readmission, patient experience, effectiveness of care, timeliness of care and efficient use of medical imaging. This year, the service evaluated 4,586 hospitals nationwide.

Only AdventHealth Hospital Wesley Chapel got the top score. St. Joseph’s Hospital, which had a five-star rating last year, fell to four stars.

About 5 percent of hospitals earn a 5-star ranking, whereas most get either three or four stars, according to the service.

Overall, fewer Tampa Bay area hospitals have a one-star score this year compared to last. A majority of the hospitals got two stars, closely followed by the number of four-star facilities.

All hospitals in the BayCare chain except for St. Anthony’s Hospital got three stars or above. St. Anthony’s, located in St. Petersburg, got two stars.

The Bayfront hospitals fared worse, with Bayfront Health Brooksville and Bayfront Health-Seven Rivers earning the Tampa Bay area’s only one-star rankings. Bayfront Health St. Petersburg got two stars.

Tampa General Hospital got three stars.

Hospitals can be searched and compared online at