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How to make your own no-sew face mask in minutes

As the coronavirus spreads, more people are wearing masks when they go out. We found an easy tutorial that uses household items.

With a shortage of personal protective equipment — and with the White House expected to urge Americans to wear a cloth mask when out in public — people are getting creative and making their own masks. Some are more elaborate than others and therefore provide more protection. But something is better than nothing, and this no-sew simple mask is effective enough to keep you from spreading germs.

And after you use it, simply throw it in the washing machine.

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We found this tutorial for a pleated face mask from the website Japanese Creations. You only need a handkerchief and two elastic hair ties to make it, although you could use a cotton T-shirt or other materials and follow the same steps. If you don’t have hair ties, any material that could be fashioned into a loop that would hook around your ears could work.

We used a bandanna; the standard size is about 20 inches by 20 inches. You may be wondering, “Why not just tie it around your face, train robber-style?” The goal is to get as much material layered in front of your nose and mouth as possible.

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[ MAGGIE DUFFY | Times ]

Step one: Turn the bandanna face-down and fold one half toward the center.

[ MAGGIE DUFFY | Times ]

Step two: Fold the other half in toward the center.

[ MAGGIE DUFFY | Times ]

Step three: Flip the bandanna over so it’s face-up.

[ MAGGIE DUFFY | Times ]

Step four: Fold one half toward the center.

[ MAGGIE DUFFY | Times ]

Step five: Fold the other half toward the center.

[ MAGGIE DUFFY | Times ]

Step six: Flip the bandanna over again and slide an elastic hair tie on each end.

This came together in about two minutes. [ MAGGIE DUFFY | Times ]

Step seven: Fold the ends in toward the center.

[ MAGGIE DUFFY | Times ]

Step eight: Flip the mask over. This is how it should look.

Turn a handkerchief, bandana, or any square piece of fabric into a no-sew face mask. [ MAGGIE DUFFY | Times ]

Step nine: Pull the elastic hair ties to the sides and slide them around your ears. Voila! A pleated face mask.

Make a no-sew face mask with just a bandanna and elastic hair ties. [ MAGGIE DUFFY | Times ]

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