5 resources that could help if you’re seeking abortion in Florida

Reproductive rights are under attack, but abortion is still legal in the sunshine state.
Reproductive freedoms are under threat, but abortion in Florida is legal, for now.
Reproductive freedoms are under threat, but abortion in Florida is legal, for now. [ RYAN C. HERMENS | TNS ]
Published June 24, 2022|Updated June 24, 2022

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn nearly 50 years of precedent protecting a person’s right to abortion marks a seismic shift for reproductive rights across the country.

For now, abortion is still legal in Florida, but the future remains less clear.

Here are five resources you should know about if you’re seeking abortion.

Tampa Bay Abortion Fund

The Tampa Bay Abortion Fund is a nonprofit organization that works to eliminate financial and logistical barriers for people who choose to have an abortion. The organization is run by a network of volunteers, and provides resources that include money to pay for procedures or pills, rides to and from appointments, child care, and more.


CALL: 727-314-3956

I Need AnA

This website — published in English and Spanish — uses minimally invasive information like age, zip code and date of last period to identify options for abortion near you. The website also offers an up-to-date list of local clinics nearby.


Plan C

Plan C provides information about at-home, self-managed abortions and abortion pills that can be accessed through online pharmacies. It also provides information about the legal restrictions and variations in restrictions state-by-state.


Repro Legal Helpline

With laws changing, and some states moving to criminalize abortion, the Repro Legal Helpline provides a break down of abortion rights depending on location, age and term of pregnancy. The helpline, run by If/When/How, an organization of attorneys who fight for reproductive freedom, is also affiliated with the Repro Legal Defense Fund. The defense fund covers bail and the cost of defense for people who are “investigated, arrested, or prosecuted for self-managed abortion.”


VISIT:, CALL: 844-868-2812


Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood provides reproductive health care services including, but not limited to abortion. Planned Parenthood is a source of birth control, testing for diseases spread through sex, breast exams, and medical care. This website will help find a clinic near you.


CALL: 941-567-3800

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