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Finally, a baked white fish recipe with some flavor

Here's the thing about baked white fish, such as haddock or cod: We know we should eat more of it because it's such a healthy choice. Trouble is, we also know that most baked white fish is dry and tasteless.

I speak from experience. I hate to throw my mom under the bus, but her baked fish, while certainly healthy, was uninspired, flavorless, unsatisfying and, perhaps worst of all, overcooked. My sister and I used to sneak emergency cookies from my mom's purse on baked fish night just to fill up.

I wanted to change baked fish night for future generations, or at least for my own daughters. My goal for this recipe was to preserve the health benefits of cod or haddock while making a dish I would actually crave. I wanted a baked white fish dish that is satisfying and comforting and that I could make easily on a weeknight.

Enter my baked cod with parsley sauce. I took inspiration from two unlikely bedfellows: the flavorful Argentinian chimichurri sauce and a cassoulet, the ultimate creamy-bean French comfort food.

The recipe couldn't have been easier. I whipped up the sauce in minutes (you could do this part a day in advance and keep in the refrigerator), then layered white beans, fish and the dill-parsley sauce and popped it all in the oven.

The extra fiber and protein from the beans and healthy fats from the sliced almonds help make this dish truly filling.