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Hernando students compete in New York, return with ‘one heck of a film’

You can watch Nature Coast Technical High School’s entry in a selective film competition online now.

Film production students from Nature Coast Technical High School competed last month in New York City at the Crave Arts Film Invitational, a selective competition within the All American High School Film Festival. Students had 10 weeks of pre-production to write a script and prepare for filming, including remotely scouting for locations in the city and auditioning New York-based actors. They filmed, edited and screened it over the course of three days at the competition.

The team from Nature Coast didn’t win any awards this year, teacher Ian Wald said in an email, “but we made one heck of a film we’re all proud of.” The students’ 6-minute short, “Dismal State of Mind," is available now on YouTube.