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Zoning rules don’t apply to some in Hernando Beach, reader says

Hernando letters to the editor
Hernando County community news [Tara McCarty]
Hernando County community news [Tara McCarty]

Re: Rezoning requests rile some | March 6 story

There is a pattern going on, ostensibly, whereby some folks defy the zoning laws and then are granted their requests for zoning changes to bring them into compliance. Reminds me of a saying “better to ask forgiveness than permission.” It may work, but that kind of buckling under encourages more of the same.

A small group of business owners in Hernando Beach apparently feel the zoning ordinances do not apply to them, and they may be right. These scofflaws flout the law, especially by failing to comply with a law that is difficult to enforce, effectively, to the detriment of their neighbors and community.

People make decisions where to buy land or a home based on the zoning laws in place. They have a stronger right to resist changes than do those who seek the changes. Eminent domain is an exception used for the betterment of the general public.

That does not apply in the cases outlined in Hernando Beach.

Lawlessness should not be rewarded unless we all get to be lawless. How would that work?

L.J. Phillips, Brooksville

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