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Beat Nb: A fight we can all get behind

Ernest Hooper: After you learn how they’ve turned their hurt into hope, you’ll want to root for Kyle and Robyn Matthews

You want to root for Kyle Matthews, but not because he grapples with the sorrow of losing his son Ezra to neuroblastoma after only 800 days on this earth.

No, you want to root for Matthews because he’s turned his fight against that sorrow into a fight for others. You want to root for him because he spends more time celebrating the courage of his wife Robyn than he does drawing attention to himself.

You want to root for Kyle and Robyn because they turned their grief into a nonprofit that morphed into Beat Nb, which now seeks a cure for neuroblastoma. It’s an audacious goal, but not an impossible one. Beat Nb celebrated both its progress — clinical trials in 47 different hospitals — and its supporters Sept. 6 with a gala at Armature Works. The organization raised more than $325,000, including $130,000 before they opened the doors.

The resiliency of this couple and the other parents who have been struck by this dreaded childhood cancer (it typically strikes kids under 5) awed everyone in the audience. At the gala, Kyle performed a self-written song to a moving video. Rob Schoos, who accompanied Kyle on the french horn, fought back his emotions.

Truth be told, a lot of people grew weepy during the evening, not because it was a sad event — it ended with a karaoke band playing through the night — but because these moms and dads inspire us. And if they can turn their hurt into hope, our dream is that they turn our tears into fuel, and turn their care into a cure.

We’re rooting for all of you, and we’re not stopping.

That’s all I’m saying.