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What the Elf? An Elf on the Shelf stages a home invasion.

If it helps to pull some good behavior out of my youngest, it will be $29.95 well spent.

I promised myself I would not be one of those parents who buys an Elf on the Shelf only to stage it creating mass destruction in my home for 24 crazy nights. I had been adamantly against this ... until last week.

I am desperate to pull some good behavior out of my little menace. So, for $29.95 I’ll roll the dice and see if this tiny little stalker siphons goodness from Adriana’s core.

Ella has been begging me for an elf ever since she discovered Buddy the class elf in Kindergarten. I have always told her that she had to ask Santa in person for her elf. I knew this would buy me some time because she is terribly shy and wouldn’t ask. This year my time is up.

I grabbed my Target coupon and hit the store. I got the very last one and it’s a girl. I took her home and staged the area in the dining room where our elf would greet our believers after school. The girls are very observant so I knew they would see her right away — but they didn’t.

As they bolted through the house, they went right past her. I wondered how long it would take before she was discovered. My husband seemed relieved and asked if we could return the thing since she went unnoticed. That is, until bath time. Ella started up the stairs when I heard the happiest squeal ever. She literally jumped for joy and said, “I have been waiting for this for two years. My dream has finally come true.” My heart melted right there.

As we tossed around names, we explained that the elf could not be touched, or her magic would be lost. Before we could even get the sentence out, Adriana knocked the elf over. Of course. Thankfully Daddy worked some magic when the girls were in the tub and miraculously, Pixie Sparkle game back to life.

Then the little one started asking questions. How did she get here? She wasn’t here when we got home. Did she arrive during dinner? Where will she eat? Does she sleep at the North Pole? Can she fly? Is she potty trained? To see their true belief in holiday magic was priceless.

They blew her good night kisses and Adriana lovingly said, “Good night Pixie, don’t pee yourself.”

As I began to stage her new location on the first night, I promised my husband that Pixie was going to be a good elf. We would find her dusting the fan, vacuuming the floors and cleaning the dog crate. She would not toilet paper the bathroom, party with Ken in the Barbie Dreamhouse or dump flour everywhere while baking cookies.

Though I must admit, as I looked around the house and began to imagine all the scenes we could create for the next three weeks, I got excited. To my surprise, this is fun for us, too. I can see how moms and dads get carried away. The next morning, the girls found Pixie on top of the china cabinet with the glitter reindeer. They had quite the adventure at the North Pole and she left a note.

The joy and wonder in their faces make me happy. When we returned home later that day, the kids greeted her and Adriana touched her again. This time she fell completely over, and Ella was devastated. She started Googling, “How to bring an Elf’s magic back” and there are three ways: 1. Write an apology letter to Santa. 2. Sprinkle Cinnamon around her, and 3. Sing her a Christmas Carol.

As I was cleaning up in the kitchen, I heard Ella, alone in the other room, singing Christmas songs to Pixie. It was the sweetest thing I’ve heard. It’s that darn sister of hers that really keeps us on our toes.

The next morning, we found Pixie in Ella’s’ stocking with a note from Santa telling us Adriana was on the naughty list. And so, it begins. Let’s see how this tiny tot army crawls her way back onto the nice list.

I think we are going to have a little fun with this.