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It’s a brand new year but the same old me

A new year signals time to start over, create change and be who you want to be. I fall victim to this hype every year.
Lynn Cristina is a Wesley Chapel momma with two girls and works full time as a marketing manager. [Courtesy of Lynn Cristina]
Lynn Cristina is a Wesley Chapel momma with two girls and works full time as a marketing manager. [Courtesy of Lynn Cristina]
Published Jan. 16

Here we are a few weeks into the new year and I find myself living the same ol’ hectic lifestyle we barely maintained in 2019.

For some reason, I had a really hard time bouncing back and emerging from the “Christmas Coma.” You know, that funk you’re in on the days between Christmas and New Year’s. You barely have a pulse and don’t know what day it is or where you’re supposed to be.

My energy was depleted. I needed time to recharge. And by recharge, I mean doing absolutely nothing from my couch. Our holiday decorations are still up, for Pete’s sake.

I know I’m not the only one. Thankfully, I have friends who live in my reality and we joke about starting the new year on Feb. 1. Who the heck is ready to conquer the world on the first day of the new year, anyway?

The overachievers, that’s who. These people are all around me and they are writing out goals, popping up flow charts, creating storyboards and declaring how the next 10 years will be life changing.

There is so much emphasis on the new year and new beginnings. Time to start over, create change, and be who you want to be, as if Jan. 1 is the only day of the year this can be implemented. I admit that I fall victim to the hype every year.

I go to bed hopeful that something miraculous will happen overnight. Maybe I will wake up 30 pounds lighter to a calm, clutter-free home, with children who listen and follow directions and a reasonable noise level. My year will begin stress-free with boundless energy. Of course, this is completely unrealistic. Change takes time, hard work and focus.

I have goals and I like to make lists. But therein lies the problem, you see. I channel my hopes and dreams onto a piece of notebook paper. Then I forget where I put my list and life goes on, but something is different this year. I have big ideas for 2020 and have decided to really try rather than just wishing and blowing out the candles.

I attended my first vision board workshop to help me visualize my goals and create a plan. I have to say it was fun. I met some wonderful ladies, sipped mimosas and exchanged our aspirations for the future. At heart I am a task slayer, a list girl. I like to write things out and cross them off.

As a result, I have a gorgeous board that embodies calmness, self care, quality time, personal development, experiences with my family and, of course, being healthy. It is inspiring, yes.

But as I read over all the things I want to accomplish, I became very overwhelmed. How the heck will I do all these things by myself? In that moment I realized why I bury my list and never launch “My new year, new us campaign.” Because it’s going to be hard!

Find your tribe, they said. As I reviewed my goals, it was clear I would need professional help. I might need an accountability coach, counselor, behaviorist, energy healer, nutritionist, personal trainer, driver, social engineer, Marie Kondo, a real estate agent, Joanna Gaines and maybe even an exorcist.

Will it be worth it? I think so, but it sure is going to be a long decade.

Lynn Cristina is a mother of two who works full time as a marketing manager. Contact her at or on Instagram @lynncristinablogs.


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